Frosted Fruit Cake Strain Review

Frosted Fruit Cake Strain Review

Fruit cake is a potent marijuana hybrid strain derived from the cross of Cherry Pie and Key Lime Pie. This strain calms the mind and body while also boosting stamina, creativity, and focus. If consumed in large quantities, Fruitcake can cause drowsiness and weariness. It’s ideal for late-night or middle-of-the-day smoking sessions. According to one user, Fruitcake has the characteristics you’d expect from a strain named after a dessert: fruity, sweet, and sour.


Frosted-fruit-cake is an Indica-dominant crossover strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) created by crossing the exquisite Jungle Cake and Strawberry Shortcake strains. Frosted Fruit Cake Strain is the appropriate strain for you if you’re seeking a lovely flavour and an exhilarating high. This bud has a wonderfully sweet flavour and intense high-flying effects that will leave you perplexed but highly.


As the name suggests, frosted Fruit Cake Strain features an extremely sugary cake flavour with a smooth strawberry breath out. The smell is much the same, but with a splash of zingy diesel and gas thrown in for good measure. This bud has thick, fluffy popcorn-shaped timberland green nugs with light golden hairs and a thick cold-formed coating of golden-coloured crystal interest.


Effects and Advantages 

The Frosted Cakes high is almost as good as they taste, with consistent effects perfect for relieving pain or stress. A few seconds following your first toke, you’ll notice a rise in rapture settle behind your eyelids, lovingly backing any psychological throbs or torments and replacing them with a feeling of imaginative core interest.


A loosening up body high will assist keep your actual structure secure and torment-free throughout this positive condition. Frosted Cakes is frequently recommended for treating problems such as chronic stress or PTSD, sadness, ADD or ADHD, cerebral pains or headaches, and continuous agony because of these effects and its high THC dosage of 21-22 percent.


Frosted Cakes is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) created by crossing the delicious Jungle Cake and Strawberry Shortcake strains. Frosted Cakes is ideal for anyone who likes an intense high with a sweet flavour. This strain has a delicious sweet taste and high-flying euphoric effects that will leave you disoriented but content. As the name implies, Frosted Cakes is a lovely sugary cake flavour with a creamy strawberry exhale. The scent is very similar, but there is a sense of spicy diesel and gas in it. 


Frosted Cakes’ high is just as unique as the taste, with long-lasting benefits ideal for easing tension and pain. A rush of euphoria will settle behind your eyelids a few minutes after your first toke, gradually smoothing away any mental aches and pains and replacing them with a sensation of creative focus. Throughout this elevated state, a relaxing body high will keep your physical form steady and pain-free. Sacred Cut produced this delectable hybrid of Wedding Cake and Fruity Pebbles OG. Sticky, resinous pine-cone-shaped buds with bright and dark green tones. A closer look reveals subtle purple tones and a significant number of long-stalked trichomes and blazing orange hairs. Excellent curing. However, the overall trim could be a touch neater. 


Fruity citrus and orange peel aromas and flavours that are bitter and sweet at the same time. To be precise, it tastes like clementine. In the background, there’s a robust and nose-stinging gas, all wrapped up in a cake-inspired creaminess. A medium-sized oil ring produces a super smooth, milky smoke that burns to pristine white ash from start to finish.


The superb Jungle Cake and Strawberry Shortcake strains were crossed to create this hybrid. The Frosted Fruit Cake Strain is the strain for you if you want a sweet flavour and a powerful high. This strain has a delectably sweet taste as well as tremendous high-flying effects that will leave you perplexed yet grateful. As the name says, frosted Fruit Cake Strain offers an extremely sugary cake flavour with a smooth strawberry breath out. The scent is comparable to gasoline but with a hint of zingy diesel and gasoline thrown in for good measure. 


The Frosted Cakes high is almost as good as they taste, with consistent effects perfect for relieving pain or stress. A few seconds following your first toke, you’ll notice a rise in rapture settle behind your eyelids, lovingly backing any psychological throbs or torments and replacing them with a feeling of imaginative core interest. A loosening up body high will assist keep your actual structure secure and torment-free throughout this positive condition.FrFrosted Cakes is commonly recommended for treating problems such as chronic stress or PTSD, sadness, ADD or ADHD, cerebral pains or migraines, and continual suffering because of these effects and its high THC dose of 21-22 percent. This bud is characterized by thick, fluffy popcorn-shaped timberland green nugs with light golden hairs and a thick chill established on a layer of golden-coloured crystal trichomes.


Fruitcake is a POTENT cannabis strain, and the Frosted Fruit Cake Strain isn’t your regular Fruitcake. If all else is equal, this isn’t going to be another nut cake. 


Some suggest that pupils enjoyed such proactive duties while attempting Fruitcake because they realized they helped improve focus and endurance.


Several clients have stated that after trying nut cake, they got a kick out of doing some proactive duties because it helped with endurance and core interest. 


It does, however, contain a substantial amount of Myrcene, a terpene that allows people to feel relaxed as if they are adjusting themselves back and forth between peace and tranquillity.


If you’re looking for a tremendous indica-hybrid strain, we’ve got you covered. Frosted Fruitcake is an indica dominant strain with a sweet flavour. The high begins with a wave of ecstasy. After some time, you will have a sense of creativity and concentration. After a few more hits, your body will be completely relaxed. It’s the most effective way to deal with pain and stress.


Cannabis has an unpredictable effect on people, so that you may experience a variety of impacts. The customer stated that data is not a substitute for therapeutic advice. Always get the advice of a health professional before using cannabis to treat a condition.


No, this isn’t your typical Fruitcake; instead, Fruitcake is a genuine cannabis strain. You’re not going to throw this Fruitcake away; instead, you’re going to eat it. 


Some people claim that while taking Fruitcake, they enjoy physical activities because it enhances their attention and endurance. It does, however, contain a high amount of terpene myrcene, which helps more people feel relaxed, edging closer to serenity and tranquillity.


Fruitcake has been shown to increase stamina and focus on specific users, allowing them to participate in more strenuous activities. Regardless, it has a high level of Myrcene, a terpene that calms users, similar to finding a happy medium between tranquillity and calmness. 


Fruitcake has a THC level of up to 20% and is derived from mixing Cherry Pie or Key Lime Pie with Sunset Dreams.


Fruitcake is a cannabis strain that looks nothing like a traditional fruitcake. I’m almost certain no one will regift this Fruitcake or throw it out once the guests have gone. 


Its sweet and fruity aroma will entice you to sample it, as it lives up to its name. Many users have characterized it as a tremendous strain for grounding, meaning it calms both the body and mind without making you sleepy or allowing your mind to wander. 


Fruitcake has been said to improve focus and stamina. Therefore some people have liked various physical activities after trying them. It does, however, contain a high percentage of terpene Myrcene, which causes more consumers to feel relaxed, balancing on the edge of serenity and tranquillity. 


Fruitcake’s genetics come from crossing Key lime Pie or Cherry Pie with Sunset Dreams, and it has a THC content in the mid-twenties. 


If you can find it, this indica dessert will make you happy. Most local dispensaries have hemp flower strains available. This is the perfect dessert strain with a delightfully sweet taste for those who want to toke softly sliding into sleep: incredible flavour and high-flying effects. 



  • dominant Indica strain 
  • Eighty percent Indica and twenty percent Sativa 
  • THC levels of 21–22 
  • CBD content is less than 1%.



According to Jungle Boys, the lineage is a mix between their Jungle Cake and Strawberry Shortcake strains. This breed was bred with Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream DNA to be a winner.



Each tiny to medium-sized forest green nug has a dense popcorn form and is sticky to the touch. This tight bud is minty green in colour, with orange hairs and purple sugar leaf undertones. A thick covering of white crystals trichomes covers the resinous buds. 



Frosted cake is a cannabis strain with a sugary flavour characteristic that tastes like a creamy strawberry dessert. Produces a lovely flavour with a creamy, fruity undertone and a gaseous aftertaste. The high is as enjoyable as the flavour.



The aroma of well-cured nugs is a berry with a hint of spicy diesel and gas, with piney undertones. Spice undertones and an overall gas-like scent are familiar. With a creamy strawberry exhale, it smells like you’re eating a fruit dessert.



After using this weed, even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy a boost of exhilaration and a sense of creative focus. A blend of joy and happiness that induces a sense of tranquillity and tranquillity. Head high that is extremely relaxing and peaceful, with the typical munchies. Excellent flavour and a euphoric high. Because dry eyes and mouth are common side effects, keep some eye drops and something to drink on hand.



Medical marijuana, in the form of frosted cake, can aid with appetite loss and chronic stress. Muscle spasms and chronic pain and anxiety, and bipolar disorder can all benefit from the indica high. A relaxing body high helps with mental aches and pains while in this happy condition. These are only ideas, and they should not be taken as medical advice. 




Anxiety that doesn’t go away 

Pain alleviation 

Suppression of Appetite


Frosted Fruitcake is perfect for anyone who likes a lovely flavour and a solid high. 

This bud has a lovely flavour and high-flying heady effects that will leave you dizzy but completely satisfied. 


Frosted Fruitcake is a delightful sugary cake flavour with a creamy strawberry exhale, as the name says. The perfume is highly similar, but it also has a hint of spicy diesel and gas.


Frosted Fruitcake’s high is as delectable as the cake itself, with long-lasting effects that are great for easing tension and pain. 


A rush of euphoria will settle behind your eyelids a few minutes after your first toke, gradually smoothing away any mental aches and pains and replacing them with a sensation of creative focus. 


Throughout this elevated state, a relaxing body high will keep your physical form steady and pain-free.


Frosted Fruitcake is frequently touted as an effective treatment for chronic stress, PTSD, depression, ADD/ADHD, headaches, migraines, and chronic pain. 


This bud contains dense forest green nugs with fluffy light amber hairs and a thick frosty caked-on covering of amber-tinted crystal trichomes.


Two heavyweight strains are responsible for the Fruit Cake cannabis strain’s remarkable features. The first, Animal Cookies, is well-known for its high THC content. Fruity Pebbles OG is the second fruit-flavoured strain that is recognized for being extraordinarily euphoric and uplifting. When these two strains are combined, they create an exceptionally potent strain with stress-relieving properties.


Fruit Cake is ideal for those looking for a large yield. Give her some room and use at least 11-15 litre containers because she doesn’t grow too tall or short. The screen of the green technique can be used to boost yields even more. 


Because she likes a lot of light, use a 600-watt HID bulb or an LED equivalent. She also merely needs a set amount of nutrients and a consistent watering routine to keep her form.


An Extremely Potent Dessert 

Fruit Cake is a cannabis strain that produces gorgeous blooms that resemble a delicious dessert with icing on top. This strain’s name comes from its sweet aroma and flavour, but be aware of its immense potency. You can have your cake and eat it too with this strain, which has a beautiful flavour and a stress-relieving effect.

CBD vs THC Effects on Anxiety

CBD vs THC Effects on Anxiety

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Where to Buy Weed in British Columbia?

Where to Buy Weed in British Columbia?

Are you a resident of British Columbia that’s looking to get their hands on some marijuana?


Canada legalized the selling and purchase of cannabis, and its constituent products, back in October of 2018. Since then, the cannabis industry has boomed, specifically in its province of British Columbia (BC), which has essentially become a hub for the medical cannabis and the non-medical cannabis smoking community.


In fact, Canada and its province, BC, have cultivated large amounts of the herb for a very long time, well before the legalization of selling cannabis products.


However, since the legalization of marijuana products, British Columbia has not only become the center of attention for the cannabis community within Canada but instead, has developed a reputation for cultivating and selling some of the highest quality marijuana products in the entire world.


The province of British Columbia, back in the year 2000, had around 17,500 cannabis growing operations being carried out, as stated by the Fraser Institute. That number, after the legalization of buying and selling cannabis products, would have grown exponentially. In our current year, any guess to the number of weed-growing plantations in British Columbia would, most probably, fall short.


What is Weed?

Weed is simply the dried leaves or flowers of either of two plants, the ‘cannabis sativa’ and the ‘cannabis indica’.


The dried leaves contain over 500 different chemical compounds, but the main compound is THC, which is also responsible for all of the plant’s psychoactive effects. It is precisely this chemical that changes how our brain perceives the world and essentially gets us high.


In the past, the normal composition of weed contained less than 4 percent THC; however, in some products you can get these days, such as oils and other extracts in the form of concentrates, the percentage of THC is much higher, at around 15 percent. 


Weed Extracts

The ingestion of these high THC content weed extracts is on the rise. There are many forms of these extracts which people can intake by various means. They contain 3 to 5 times the usual amount of THC you’d find in the weed plant itself.


Methods of Ingestion

There are a lot of ways people can intake weed, though the following list is of the most common methods of ingestion:


  • Rolling up weed in a piece of paper with one’s hands and then smoking the weed
  • Inhaling the smoke from bur tweed by way of bongs
  • Inhaling vapor which forms from heating up weed and releasing its THC content by way of a vaporizer
  • Drinking tea brewed with weed or eating it in the form of a snack called an edible


British Columbia’s History With Weed


An Introduction to the Home of Cannabis Culture

Often referred to as just BC, British Columbia is the western-most province in Canada and sits right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. With a population of 5.1 million people, over an area of 357,000 square miles, BC packs quite a few people. Though its capital is the city of Victoria, Vancouver and Vancouver Island account for almost half the population of British Columbia.


A study conducted in the year 2004 had found that over half the people living in BC, at the time, had tried their hand at smoking weed at least once in their life. It could be due to the fact that back in 2004 there were numerous cannabis stores and coffee shops where people didn’t just openly smoke tobacco, but also the weed they would purchase from such stores.


British Columbia was second in terms of cannabis usage per capita in all of Canada, back in 2012. They are sure to have reached first since the legalization of medical cannabis and non-medical cannabis products.

The Origins of Weed in BC

The world-renowned cannabis hub that is BC owes a lot of its reputation for the selling and purchasing of high-quality cannabis to the Vietnam War.


Yes, the origins of weed in BC go all the way back to the 60’s. At the start of the war, when Americans were being forced to join the army, a lot of them elected to leave the country, rather than serve as recruits in the war. Today those people are referred to as ‘Hippies’.


30,000 Americans fled the country and moved to British Columbia. The primary migrants who moved to British Columbia were people from the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.


Fortunately for today’s generations, a few of these migrants had brought with them cannabis seeds to their newfound homeland. In BC, the plantation of weed and cannabis had only begun, just before the arrival of the migrants. With the help of the migrant’s seeds, the plantation got a major boost for the production of its, then, illegal weed.


The migrants who were already fond of consuming cannabis and its constituent products were excited to see that they arrived at a thriving underground weed production movement. The migrants also found their seeds to be a lot more useful in BC than they were back home.

The Perfect Climate for the Growth of the Migrant’s Seeds

BC did not lack in the rainfall and sunshine department and got an ample amount of both climates. This meant BC had an ideal climate for their underground thriving business of growing cannabis.


Though the overall climate does vary between places in the massive province that is BC, the most populous areas, such as the aforementioned Vancouver city, where the weed-growing business also happened to be taking form, had near-perfect levels of temperature and rainfall.


The annual temperature in those parts was 54 degrees Fahrenheit, which was also the mildest in all of Canada. The annual rainfall in those parts fluctuated in the neighborhood of 47 inches. Overall, BC did not lack hot summer days, with the fall season also being relatively mild.


The area of Kootenays, in particular, benefitted from the aforementioned weather conditions and is also known today as the home of outdoor weed cultivation, in BC. Aside from the perfect climate conditions, the area also benefits from pure water, courtesy of the Rocky Mountains, clean air, and very rich soil for plant growth.


In fact, the soil of the Kootenays area is regarded as the most fertile on the entire planet. However, all these geographical benefits only gave rise to the outdoor cultivating parts of the weed industry in BC.

BC’s Cheap Renewable Energy

British Columbia is notable for producing very low-cost hydroelectric power. The power you get from a hydroelectric power plant is known as hydroelectricity, and it currently powers one-fifth of our planet. It also constitutes three-fourths of the power humans get from renewable resources. 


With the rise of climate change, the popularity of renewable energy sources is only going to grow, and in turn, so will hydroelectricity.


BC’s main power supply comes from 21 massive hydroelectric power plants and seven smaller ones. The British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association reported that the province generates nearly eleven thousand megawatts of clean and emission-free energy. That energy powers 2 million homes across the province, including all the ones in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


Only six percent of the province’s energy doesn’t come from hydroelectric power plants. This abundance of cheap, renewable energy has made BC a hotspot for cultivating cannabis indoors.

What Helped the Cannabis Industry Grow?

Moving back to BC’s topography, the province being situated where it was, played a tremendous role in giving cannabis growers the concealment they needed back in the days when the herb’s production was illegal.


A dense forest which itself lay on several big and small hills, made carrying out any cannabis-growing operations very easy. This is one of the many reasons that BC had so many underground growing operations being conducted as compared to the rest of Canada, or even the rest of the world if you choose to think back to the massive 17,500 figure calculated by Fraser Institute.


The sheer scale of the weed production going on in British Columbia, essentially, made sure that they were certainly going to be the cannabis hub in Canada, in the near future.

How Growing Cannabis Grew The Economy?

By the year 2010, BC would export at least four billion Canadian dollars worth of weed every single year, with around 95 percent of whatever they grew being smuggled across the border, into the United States.


After growing cannabis, with a license, became legal in the year 2018, the market has grown exponentially. Even the provincial government of BC is aware of the importance cannabis has in its history and economy. It constitutes a nine billion Canadian dollar chunk of BC’s economy every year.


Even when handling weed was illegal at a federal level, the law enforcement in British Columbia would rarely use a heavy hand when it came to the cannabis market.


An example of how far the market has come since its start in the 1960s is that in the year 2020, SpeakEasy Cannabis Club, a weed production company, claimed that it would harvest 60,000 marijuana plants in the 24 hectares of land they grew the plant at, in Rock Creek. It equated to 70,000 kilograms of bud, which would be the largest harvest in Canada’s history.

Where and How to Buy Weed


Trying to Get Weed in Person

Private owners of weed can apply for a license to run cannabis stores and carry out business within British Columbia, under the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.

How Cannabis Shops are Set-Up

When a person applies for a license, the government runs a background check on the person’s personal data along with some more information about them, to verify they are eligible to carry out the service of selling weed. If they pass the check, they’ll obtain their license and be authorized to set up shop at an address that you can find on BC Cannabis Stores along with its contact details.

Age Verification 

You can choose to buy cannabis from either these personal shops or government-run ones. However, to purchase cannabis from any store you’ll have to disclose a bit of personal data of your own, specifically in relation to some age verification. You have to be of legal age to prove you’re among the responsible adults who are old enough to buy weed. The legal age in Canada is 19 years of age.

BC Liquor Distribution Branch and BC Cannabis Stores

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch is a government-run operation that overlooks all the liquor stores in BC, as well as, all online sales which take place. It is also the only wholesale distributor of cannabis that adults can use.


Its BC Cannabis Store is an online website that not only shows the address of the cannabis store that is near to you but also allows you to filter through every store’s wide selection of cannabis products and accessories. Among the wide range of filters, you can sort flowers by is their brand, potency, and even their place of production in Canada. All this and more from a simple online website.

Advantages of Buying Your Weed In-Person

If you’re planning to sort out some health issues or just plain have fun by buying weed and are choosing to do so by heading to a local store, there are benefits to it.


First off, you won’t have to spend time looking for one, since you can just get the address of every store around you off the internet. Once you arrive at the chosen address, you’ll simply select what you want from a wide selection of products from edibles to buds and even concentrates. You then verify your age by showing the store owner some form of identification and you’re done.


Most store owners are often very committed to helping others choose what’s best for them, so if you’re new to cannabis, you can turn to a helpful store owner for some support on what to buy.


Buying from a store would also free you of the troubles waiting for your supposed ‘fast delivery service’, which you would get if you were buying weed online in Canada.

Trying to Buy Weed Online

If you’re looking to buy weed online there is an entire process you have to go through of setting up an account by signing up to a site. Usually, you would also need to find a good website that offers amazing cannabis products, but we’ve taken care of that bit for you as you’ll come to find at the end of this article.

Sign Up for an Account

To sign up to any given website in order to buy weed online, you’ll normally have to follow the same simple steps, regardless of the site you choose. You have to first input your email address and choose a password that you would be responsible to keep track of. Then you’ll have to verify you’re at least 19 years of age by selecting a date of birth and uploading a picture of your ID card for legal purposes. With that done, you should have access to whatever service and marijuana products the website offers its customers.


You should keep in mind when you make the account that some of your personal data will be shared with the site to help support your experience, manage access to your account, and for several other purposes.

Advantages You Get When You Buy Weed Online

An online experience of buying weed is much different than going to a store, and for most people, it’s their go-to.


The obvious advantage you get if you buy weed online is that you get your marijuana from the comfort of your home.


You can usually sort through the large range of flower products that an online store would have, including concentrates, edibles, and even hybrid strains.


You’ll get access to a delivery service, served by the online shop, and can change the speed at which you get your flowers by selecting a fast delivery option.


You’ll even get the benefit of seeing things like featured products, where it’ll show you what is popular in the marijuana world at the moment.


Another cool feature of online shops which you’ll have access to is that customers can contact the company support team regarding any troubles they face and can easily have it sorted by way of them. A reason to contact a support team would be to cancel an order or to ask for an estimated delivery date of a product, among other purposes.


Wondering Where to Buy Weed Online?

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They serve only the highest quality marijuana that Canada has to offer and have several amazing services you could avail of when buying from their online shop.


You can get free shipping when you purchase marijuana or other products amounting to 100 dollars and will get rewards on every order you make. You can be assured that all concentrates for edibles you order from their online shop will be of nothing less than top quality.


They serve both medical cannabis and non-medical cannabis, so whatever your needs are, you can know that they have got you covered.


If you don’t want to take our word for it, you can look up what customers are saying on why they always choose to come back to ‘My Pure Canna’ when they buy weed online.


If you value great prices and don’t intend on breaking the bank when you buy weed online, that is a high-quality weed, head over to ‘My Pure Canna’ right now.

Shatter vs. Wax: What’s The Difference?

Shatter vs. Wax: What’s The Difference?

The growing popularity of marijuana in Canada has meant an expanding selection of products to choose from. Checking out a dispensary can be overwhelming even for experienced marijuana users, given the myriad products that line the shelves! 

With cannabis shatter and wax for sale online, many are interested in the benefits of concentrates and dabbing in general. 

But many are unsure of which concentrate best suits their needs. Read on to learn about the differences between shatter and wax so you feel like an expert at your next dispensary visit.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate used when dabbing (the act of inhaling cannabis concentrate vapour produced by a small water pipe). It is produced by processing plant materials with a solvent, creating a glass-like cannabis extract.

The texture can vary from extremely brittle to a more pliable consistency. Its appearance is typically translucent but contains yellow-scale colouring ranging from light amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil.

Dabbers love shatter for its ease of use and potency. It goes through an additional filtration process to remove impurities and naturally occurring fats and waxes, making it an exceptionally pure concentrate that delivers an intense high. The extra filtration also removes marijuana’s famous dank smell and flavour, so your next dabbing session can be easy and discreet.

What is Wax?

Similar to shatter, marijuana wax is a form of cannabis concentrate that is used when dabbing. It is produced by packing marijuana buds into tubes, then flooding them with a solvent that separates the resin from the raw plant material. 

The resin then goes through additional heating, condensation, and vacuum purging (which helps boil away the impurities and solvents involved in the production process). 

After processing, we are left with the desirable and active part of the substance that can deliver a pure and potent experience when dabbed. The final product is a waxy material that has an opaque appearance but a malleable texture. In terms of cannabis concentrates, wax finds a middle ground between the solid brittle texture of shatter and hash oil’s liquid consistency.

Like shatter, marijuana wax has very little smell, making it a discreet alternative to the traditional method of smoking raw cannabis bud. 

Which is Better?


Clearly, there are many benefits to dabbing with shatter and wax, but does one reign supreme as a cannabis concentrate? Not really. It mostly comes down to personal preference, as both concentrates offer a powerful and long-lasting high when dabbed. 

If you’re looking for something easy to handle and measure, wax might be the better option due to its malleable consistency. If you’re looking for a super long-lasting concentrate, shatter might be the better choice, as wax tends to degrade faster.

Cannabis Shatter for Sale

Online dispensaries are accessible places to find a cannabis concentrate that is right for you. Buying shatter and wax online is the easiest way to research new products and find a product to help you achieve your desired high.

Cannabis Extracts: Which Extraction Method is Best?

Cannabis Extracts: Which Extraction Method is Best?

Cannabis concentrates are all the rage, but with so many types available, how do you know where to start? If you’d like to buy concentrates online in Canada, then here we discuss the different extraction methods available.

Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Extractions

BHO extractions were originally used in the food and perfume industries. When used in the cannabis industry, raw cannabis flower is packed into a tube before butane is introduced in a pressurized environment to perform the extraction.

When the initial extraction is performed, the resulting cannabinoid-rich solution must be left so as the residual solvent can evaporate to safe levels. Many producers use a vacuum oven to purge the butane further and meet the regulatory requirements.

One drawback of BHO extraction is that it can be dangerous, so it is always best left to trained experts due to its flammable nature.

BHO extractions are most commonly used in the production of concentrates like shatter, crumble, budder, wax, and sap. With their high capacity for preserving cannabinoid content, BHO extraction techniques often average at around 80% THC.

CO2 Oil Extraction

CO2 extraction is widely used in the cannabis industry. It is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

It involves passing supercritical CO2 through raw cannabis buds to strip the trichomes from the plant. A liquid is then passed through a separator to remove the CO2 gas from the extracted material.

CO2 extraction is particularly effective at preserving terpene content in cannabis flower and, as a result, is especially beneficial when making waxes and oils.

An additional advantage is that it’s environmentally friendly. The CO2 gas used in extractions is pushed through a condenser, meaning the gas can liquify again before being recycled for reuse in other extractions.

Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol is widely used as a food preservative and is considered by the FDA to be safe for use. To extract THC from the cannabis plant, the raw plant material is soaked in a bath of ethanol.

The resulting solution is then refined further, where unwanted compounds are removed. It’s this step that helps ensure that concentrates made from ethanol extractions are some of the purest and best-tasting available.

Solventless Extractions

While there are many high-tech extraction techniques available, it’s also worth mentioning that some age-old methods exist that don’t require the use of solvents at all. Many of these solventless techniques have existed for centuries, and they often preserve much of the valuable cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid content of the original plant material.

Whether it’s hashish, charas, bubble hash, or rosin, these solventless concentrates require minimal specialized equipment. With some manual labour, along with heat and pressure, it’s possible to create some of the cleanest and strongest concentrates on the market that preserve the entire plant profile of compounds.

Get Ready to Buy Concentrates Online in Canada

Whether produced from BHO, ethanol, CO2, or your very own manual labour as you press the resin out by hand, there are countless ways to make cannabis concentrates.

If you love concentrates, then it’s important to know that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. With so many solvents used in the production of cannabis concentrates, it’s important to remember to always buy them from a reputable source.

Cannabis 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana

Cannabis 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana

Cannabis is everywhere, and it’s hard to ignore given its status as one of the most widely used substances within Canada. Nearly half of Canadians reported having used marijuana at some point in their lives!

With the ability to buy recreational weed online, many Canadians are incorporating marijuana into their lifestyles. Given its popularity, those new to the marijuana scene and existing cannabis connoisseurs may be interested in growing their knowledge of the substance.

History of Weed in Canada

Canadians have been using cannabis for decades, though only legally since 2018. Canada was the second country in the world to legalize its possession and non-medical use. For much of the past century, the use of marijuana was considered a criminal offense under the law in Canada.

Since its legalization, cannabis has become increasingly popular. This popularity is partially credited to the growing accessibility of weed, as buying recreational weed online is easy in Canada. The increase of reputable information on the effects of marijuana and its benefits has also encouraged more Canadians to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyles.

The Effects of Marijuana

Depending on the method of consumption, cannabis offers a variety of effects on the user. Overall, the psychoactive ingredient in weed (called THC) stimulates the area of the brain that responds to pleasure. As a result, dopamine is released, which gives the user a relaxed and even euphoric experience. Many experience an increased appetite.

Smoking weed delivers the quickest effects. When you smoke and inhale marijuana into the lungs, the drug quickly releases into the bloodstream, giving you the feeling of being high. It will take longer to feel the effects from other consumption methods like eating weed-infused edibles or drinking infused beverages.

Medical Benefits of Weed

The list of medical benefits to cannabis is ever-growing, as research in this area is continually evolving since its legalization in Canada. The most common use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is for pain control. While it may not be strong enough to manage severe pain cases, it can be an effective treatment option for those who experience chronic pain. For many, this is an attractive alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals that come with a long list of potentially harmful side effects.

There is also substantial evidence that marijuana can effectively treat symptoms of nausea. Many patients who endure chemotherapy rounds use cannabis to help alleviate nausea and vomiting caused by the treatments.

The Side Effects of Weed

As with any recreational or medical drug, there are potential side effects that come with the use of cannabis. While most marijuana users have an overall positive experience, some may experience unwanted effects such as anxiety or paranoia. Those new to consuming cannabis can help manage these symptoms by starting with a lower dose and working towards an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Buy Recreational Weed Online in Canada

Purchasing weed is as simple as adding something to your online shopping cart. With reputable online dispensaries, you can choose cannabis products for smoking, vaping, or eating that are appealing to you and offer your desired experience. Browsing an online dispensary for marijuana and weed-infused edibles is a great way to research products and be informed before buying.

CBD Tincture: Guide to Uses, Side Effects and More

CBD Tincture: Guide to Uses, Side Effects and More

Chances are you, or someone you know, have already experienced CBD oil benefits. You may already have some in your medicine cabinet. 

If you are new to the world of CBD tinctures, where do you begin? You probably have many questions about the basics and the best way to dose. Follow along on this quick introduction to all aspects of CBD tinctures.

What is CBD Tincture?

Firstly, what is a tincture? Tinctures have been around since 1000 AD. They have been used orally as medicine for thousands of years—elderberry tinctures, turmeric, echinacea, and cannabis tinctures are just some of many. 

Alcohol-based tinctures are common, but there are a few other ways to make them as well. Common carrier oils for CBD include MCT oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. CBD tinctures come in small bottles with various concentrations. With the dose dropper, they are easy to dose and avoid risks associated with smoking. Allowed to absorb under the tongue, these tinctures take effect quickly.

What are the many CBD oil benefits you can expect? Canadians report relief from migraines, anxiety, sleep disorders, psoriasis, arthritis, eating disorders, and more. CBD is taking over the cannabis industry, creating some amazing stuff and wowing people with its groundbreaking properties. It is now common to be able to buy CBD online in Canada as well. 

How to Properly Dose CBD 

Figuring out your dose with CBD hemp oil is important but can also be overwhelming. There are so many tinctures, with so many numbers on their labels. Some tinctures range from 100mg to as high as 2000mg. No matter what bottle you have on hand, you’ll need to figure out your personal dose.

The great thing about CBD is that it’s safe and well-tolerated, even in high doses used within research studies. Remember, this is not THC, and you won’t feel high or any of the other common side effects from THC-rich cannabis.

But, getting to know your personal dose is nevertheless important. CBD oil is mellow, but you don’t want to waste any product. 


  1. Start with 5 to 10 drops from your CBD tincture dose dropper before bed.
  2. Maintain the baseline dose for three to four days.
  3. If you experience no CBD oil benefits, increase the dose by 50 percent (10 to 20 drops).
  4. Maintain the new dose for three to four days.
  5. Repeat until you feel the positive effects.
  6. If at any point you experience adverse side effects, like sleepiness or diarrhea, reduce the dose. You may also wish to split into smaller doses during the day.

Does CBD Have Side Effects? 

Because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound, you will not feel stoned while consuming it. It is safe, but taking large amounts of CBD will make you feel a little sluggish. Some people also report diarrhea with large doses. 

The World Health Organization has declared, “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.” But, as per their assessment, “reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.”

If you currently take prescription medications and are experiencing some of the mild effects of CBD, you may wish to consult your doctor. 

Have You Experienced CBD Oil Benefits?

Canadians across the country, old and young alike, are exploring CBD oil benefits for a range of conditions. Everyone, even parents and grandparents, is curious about what this non-intoxicating cannabinoid can do. From sleep to mood to inflammation, this little cannabidiol has a big future in over-the-counter relief.

All-Time Best-Selling Weed Strains

All-Time Best-Selling Weed Strains

Now that you can buy marijuana online, there’s no reason to settle for anything but the best. In the past, cannabis connoisseurs were limited to what was available locally. But these days, you can buy legendary strains like Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, and Pineapple Express without leaving your sofa.

The most legendary strains are renowned for their highs, but also for their taste, smell, genetics, and history. Many of these strains have been carefully bred over decades, and all have earned their all-time status.

So which strains simply can’t be missed? That depends on what you’re looking for. Each strain offers a unique experience, and everyone will respond differently to each strain.

You might be looking for an uplifting head high that will get your creative juices flowing—try Blue Dream. Or you might be looking for deep, complete relaxation, in which case the infamous Gorilla Glue is your friend.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’d argue that all of these best-selling strains will leave you satisfied.

Gorilla Glue

Let’s start with a heavy-hitter: Gorilla Glue isn’t a strain for the faint of heart. But it is a hugely popular Cannabis Cup Winner that experienced users shouldn’t miss.

A hybrid with up to 28 percent THC, Gorilla Glue offers the ultimate relaxation. Numbing your mind and body completely, you’ll feel sedated but euphoric. Fair warning: This is a powerful high. We wouldn’t recommend Gorilla Glue if you’re heading to a party—or planning to do anything at all, really.

But there are few strains as sedating as Gorilla Glue. It’s an excellent strain for those suffering from insomnia or depression, or just looking to switch off entirely for the evening.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It still packs a punch, with a THC content of up to 27 percent. But the THC in Blue Dream is balanced by a two percent CBD content.

That means you get a more balanced and cerebral high. Blue Dream will make you feel energetic and creative while still relaxing your body. It’s a great strain for daytime use and for artists, musicians, and other creative types.

Medical marijuana users find that Blue Dream’s energizing high is useful for treating chronic fatigue and pain. The lack of sedation makes this a suitable strain for daytime use for those who need it.

OG Kush

As the name suggests, OG Kush is a somewhat mythical strain that’s taken on legendary status. Thought to have originated in the 1990s from a cross with Hindu Kush, it’s since been bred to produce other infamous strains like GSC.

OG Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 20–25 percent THC content. Unlike Gorilla Glue, it isn’t sedating. Instead, after a hit of OG Kush you’ll find yourself energized, euphoric, and sociable. You’ll primarily get a head high, with fewer effects on your body.

Be prepared for the potent smoke, which some users find harsh, and the pungent smell left after smoking OG Kush.

Northern Lights

If you’re looking for something a little more mellow, Northern Lights could be the strain for you. One of the most popular indica strains of all time, Northern Lights is derived from Afghani and Thai landraces, which only adds to its popularity.

With up to 33 percent THC, Northern Lights will deeply affect your whole body. You’ll feel sleepy, comfortable, and lazy as you settle into the contented high. A good choice for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and stress, North Lights will blissfully slow down your body and your mind.

Pineapple Express

Even your grandma has probably heard of Pineapple Express! It’s one of the few strains that has crossed over into the mainstream, with the Seth Rogen film of the same name.

The name Pineapple Express is a nod to its tropical smell and taste, with hints of pineapple, mango, and pine. A creative and energetic strain, Pineapple Express can help increase productivity and focus. It’s also a fun social strain.

For the uninitiated, Pineapple Express could lead to paranoia. Its head high is quite strong, like other sativas, and it contains around 20 percent THC.


Chemdawg (or Chemdog) is another legendary strain with uncertain origins. It’s a hybrid strain that hits fast and strong.

Chemdawg has an upbeat high, amplifying your senses and heightening your awareness. While the head-high is buzzy, you’ll find your body deeply relaxed. Some new users find Chemdawg a bit overwhelming, so go easy on your first hit.

Unlike the tropical notes of Pineapple Express, Chemdawg has a pungent smell and taste of diesel.

Durban Poison

This sativa strain was born in the South African city of Durban. It’s a landrace strain, part of a long history of cannabis cultivation in Africa. Durban Poison has around 15–20 percent THC. Like other sativas, it has a mostly cerebral high.

With Durban Poison, you’ll find yourself focused, creative, and sociable. There’s little risk of couch-lock here, making Durban Poison a suitable strain for daytime use.

Like other strong sativas, it can make new users feel anxious and on edge. But with experienced users, Durban Poison is extremely popular, and for good reason.


Gelato is a sweet-tasting, Californian hybrid known for its balanced, mellow high. With high THC content (up to 25 percent) and little CBD, Gelato will hit your body and mind in equal measure. It’s a potent strain, and the balanced high comes on quickly.

At the same time, Gelato isn’t a sedating strain (like Gorilla Glue), and many people do choose it for daytime use. It’s said to help treat anxiety, as it feels more like an indica and therefore is less likely to cause paranoia.

The Best Strains of All Time?

Choosing the “best” strain of weed is simply not possible. There are so many diverse and unique strains of marijuana to buy online, each with its own particular benefits and sensations. You’ll not often find two users who agree on their favourite strains–and that’s how it should be.

But famous strains like Chemdawg and Gorilla Glue have earned their place in the history books. Thousands of people, over decades, must be onto something. These strains are best-selling for a reason, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them, too.


How Does Medical Marijuana Stimulate Appetite?

How Does Medical Marijuana Stimulate Appetite?

Uh oh! Looks like someone has the munchies! With your appetite buzzing and stomach rumbling, it comes as no surprise that you’ve got food on the brain. So what are you going to eat? Are you going to buy something savoury or make something sweet? Or do you plan to skip out on the snacks altogether, using your willpower to prevent that fridge from opening?

While some who use medical marijuana might dislike the munchies for fear of gaining weight, others may find those very same appetite-boosting qualities both desirable and necessary. A considerable number of physical illnesses and mental ailments affect appetite, in some cases severely. This includes diseases requiring extreme treatments like radiation and the wasting-syndromes that affect individuals with cancer, HIV, or AIDS.

Whether it is encouraging you to demolish an entire plate of chocolate chip cookies or allowing you to enjoy your first meal in a while without nausea, cannabis is good at what it does. But how exactly does cannabis affect appetite?

Read on to learn about the science behind medical marijuana’s hunger-stimulating aspects. Plus, discover some of the top appetite-boosting strains, so the next time you order medical marijuana online, you’ll be able to find the ideal strain for your needs.

How Do the Munchies Work?

There are libraries of research already published on the topic of cannabis, with new studies into the hunger-boosting effects of cannabis are underway. Of course, the idea of munchies is nothing new. Jokes on the topic have been popular since the days of Cheech and Chong, if not much earlier.

In our current age, food products and restaurant corporations advertise directly, though often subconsciously, to couch-bound stoners. Just consider the click-of-button ease all those delivery apps offer.

Although not everything is known in regards to the craving-driving force of marijuana, some effects have been confirmed. One of the most well-known aspects of cannabis is one of its most prominent cannabinoids: THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a powerful, psychoactive cannabinoid known for eliciting a number of mind-altering effects and physical sensations.

So how does this work? When cannabinoids enter the body, whether through inhalation, ingestion, or applied as a topical, they interact with the endocannabinoid system, a natural system found in mammals that regulates immune response, metabolism, and appetite. The endocannabinoid system includes two main receptors, CB1 and CB2.

The CB1 receptor is found in various systems throughout the human body. Some of the key systems containing CB1 include several parts of the brain: the basal ganglia, hypothalamus, limbic forebrain, and rhombencephalon. When triggered, pleasure and flavour are greatly enhanced, while the ability to regulate food intake may become impaired.

THC can lead to an increase in the production of ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone common in both the stomach and small intestine. It also has the ability to slow the production of PYY, an amino acid that regulates ghrelin-levels.

On a neurological level, THC can activate certain pathways, one being the mTOR pathway, which, again, increases ghrelin production. Furthermore, THC can activate POMC neurons, a specific kind of neuron influenced by the CB1 receptor. When affected by THC, POMC neurons have the ability to open or close specific pathways that either increase or decrease appetite.

Other factors amplified by cannabis that might inspire consumers to continue eating include lowered inhibitions and slowed reaction-time. With such a distinct spectrum of effects, it’s always best to do your research and read up on your strain of choice before you order medical marijuana online.

Why Would You Want the Munchies?

For a large portion of our population, the munchies are a nuisance. Between the extra calories and rapidly dwindling snack cupboard, it isn’t a surprise that the average joe might find a bolstered appetite more negative than positive.

But if you are living with a chronic physical or mental illness that affects your appetite, those so-called munchies could be a life-saver. Rather than seeing inflated hunger and the potential for weight-gain as a detriment, many actually require something to stimulate their appetite, subsequently allowing them to gain weight.

Some of the more well-known illnesses that can cause severe and unintended weight loss include cancer, kidney disease, HIV, and AIDS, just to name a few. Aside from the general exhaustion associated these ailments comes the potential for life-threatening deterioration of tissue, bone, and muscle known as cachexia. More commonly known as wasting syndrome, this not-yet-fully-understood occurrence changes the characteristics of one’s body, influencing function and affecting organs.

While scientists are still working towards discovering the exact cause and potential cures for cachexia, studies involving cannabis show promise. In addition to cachexia, a number of other cancer symptoms and side effects of treatment can result in a loss of appetite and increased weight loss.

Inflammatory cytokines, which can both cause cancer and increase susceptibility to cachexia, also have the potential to speed up metabolism. Fast metabolism means you are burning fat and spending calories necessary to fight debilitating diseases.

Some therapies aimed at fighting cancer are known to be harsh on the body, damaging cells and causing further deterioration. One of the most notable side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation, is nausea accompanied by vomiting.

An abundance of studies and clinical trials focused on THC’s antiemetic effects in relation to cancer-induced vomiting have confirmed its efficiency, both in adults and in children. Despite breakthroughs of this nature, future research will be required in order for scientists to produce a foolproof THC-based antiemetic for those in need.

Finally, the hunger-boosting powers of cannabis are of great benefit to those experiencing depression, as the effects of the disorder can be debilitating. Some people can’t even get out of bed. Between a lack of appetite and a lack of motivation, depression affects nutrition and weight to a serious degree. Introducing medical marijuana into treatment has been proven to benefit afflicted individuals.

Which Strains Are Best for Stimulating Appetite?

What better way to complete our lesson than with a listicle of some of our favourite strains? Whether you’re prepping your appetite for a holiday meal or in need of some relief from chronic nausea, when you order medical marijuana online look for the below strains to really get those munchies going!

8 Great Appetite Boosting Strains
  1. Blue Dream: A Sativa-dominant hybrid prescribed for a number of physical and mental illnesses. In addition to its appetite-stimulating qualities, it is recommended for individuals experiencing pain, depression, and nausea.
  2. Candyland: An energizing Sativa known for producing a happy, giggly high. Along with its ability to activate your hunger-drive, it can be beneficial for those suffering depression or chronic pain.
  3. GSC: As the cannabis strain formally known as Girl Scout Cookies, this relaxing, euphoric hybrid is recognized for its potent mood-boosting components, in addition to its ability to increase appetite.
  4. Monster Cookies: A calming Indica frequently prescribed to those experiencing pain, as well as severe stress and anxiety disorders. Take note! While it may increase hunger in some, it can act as an appetite-suppressant in others,
  5. OG Kush: One of the most well-recognized strains of all time, this balanced hybrid is as infamous for its ability to give you the munchies as it is for all-encompassing painkilling and relaxing, anxiolytic components.
  6. Pineapple Express: Perhaps most well-known for the eponymous movie, Pineapple Express is an aromatic hybrid that eases pain, stress, and depression while boosting energy and appetite.
  7. Royal Highness: When it comes to stimulating appetite, this is one of the top strains around. Not only can it help treat depression and anxiety disorders, but the degree to which negative side effects are felt is much lower than average.
  8. Sour Diesel: Sativa-dominant with a pungent aroma, Sour Diesel is the perfect balance of calming and energizing, making it a useful strain for those experiencing anxiety, pain, and depression. It is recognized in both medicine and pop culture for its habit of invigorating appetite/producing the munchies, respectively.

Although the above list contains some of our favourites, there is a near-innumerable selection of strains available when you look to order medical cannabis online. We’re all different, with distinct chemical makeups, so what works well for one person might produce uncomfortable side effects in another. Always use cannabis products as prescribed and know your limits to ensure you experience the most benefits or best trip possible!

Cannabis Terpenes: How Do They Work & What Are the Effects?

Cannabis Terpenes: How Do They Work & What Are the Effects?

One of the most notable characteristics of marijuana is the smell. You know it when you smell it – often skunky, sometimes fruity, and possibly even cheesy! That strong, delicious aroma is an indicator of quality bud, and can be a little intoxicating in and of itself.

The source of this smell is the terpenes found in cannabis plants. When you buy weed online in British Columbia or from a dispensary, you will see a description of the smell and flavour, or even a specific list of terpenes. If that list has ever confused you, read on to find out just what terpenes are and why they are a desirable attribute in a good-quality bud.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic oils that produce the pungent smell and flavour found in marijuana. Terpenes are not unique to cannabis – strong-smelling plants, such as cedar, pine, sage, tea (black), and citrus, contain easily recognizable terpenes. Their purpose in the plant world is to attract pollinators and repel predators. The smell, flavour, and colour of plants are all due to terpenes.

There are tens of thousands of known terpenes, and about a hundred of those can be found in cannabis plants. Strains of marijuana are selectively bred to build the potency of certain terpenes. This is often reflected in the name of the bud (think Kushberry, a cross between OG Kush and Blueberry – noted for its blueberry flavour).

What are the Expected Effects of Terpenes?

Terpenes work in the body much more subtly than cannabinoids. While it is still debated whether they work psychologically or pharmacologically, it is clear they interact with the body in many ways.

Each terpene has individual effects that are sought after depending on the user’s intentions. If you buy weed online in British Columbia, some of the most common terpenes you might see listed are:

  • Myrcene: promotes a sensation of relaxation/sedation. Considered anti-inflammatory and has anti-tumor properties. Has an earthy flavour and is found in other plants such as thyme, juniper, and fennel.
  • Caryophyllene: a terpene unique in the way that it also acts upon the endocannabinoid system. Has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties, as well as sedative effects. The flavour is spicy. Found in black pepper, cardamom, and cumin, to name a few.
  • Pinene: useful for memory retention, alertness, and counteracting an overdose of THC. Potential for treating, pain, inflammation, and asthma. Described as having a “woodsy” flavour. It is the most common terpene in the plant kingdom and is found in such strong-smelling plants as pine and rosemary.
  • Linalool: promotes mood elevation and a sense of calm. Considered useful for anxiety and depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. Has a floral aroma and is also found in soothing plants like lavender and chamomile.
  • Limonene: provides relief from stress and anxiety. Has potential for cancer treatment, as well as anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. Has a citrus aroma and is found in plants like citrus fruit peels, peppermint, and rosemary.

As you can see, terpenes have many different effects that often overlap between varieties.

What’s the Difference Between Terpenes and Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ES) by activating the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Your body naturally produces endocannabinoids that work within the ES to maintain balance in your body. When you introduce cannabinoids from an external source, the effect on your body can be quite strong.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high, as it floods your ES and enhances the cannabinoid-receptor function. CBD works on different receptors and is credited with such effects as relieving pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. Cannabinoids are exclusive to cannabis plants.

Terpenes, however, are absorbed by the body and utilized in different ways. They aren’t considered psychoactive the way THC is but are believed to have many more subtle effects. Since they are found in so many other plants, we inadvertently consume terpenes every day in foods we regularly eat.

Terpenes and cannabinoids work together within the body to provide a range of experiences. This symbiotic partnership is referred to as the entourage effect.

All of the compounds that enter our bodies upon consuming marijuana give a variety of effects depending on the specific combination of terpenes and cannabinoids. The entourage effect is still considered theoretical, though in-depth studies have shown proof of this theory.

Are There Any Medical Benefits from Terpenes?

As mentioned above, the beneficial effects of terpenes are innumerable. They are anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-anxiety, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-cancer. These effects contribute to positive impacts associated with reducing stress, insomnia, and depression. It is even theorized that some terpenes assist in reducing memory loss associated with chronic consumption of THC.

To gain the maximum benefits from terpenes, they are best consumed in a low-heat form. Vaporizing is the fastest way to get the compounds from cannabis into your body relatively intact. Some terpenes are more effectively taken as edibles, while others work best applied topically.

High-Terpene Products

Suppose you’re on the lookout to buy weed online in British Columbia that is high in terpenes. In that case, you should familiarize yourself with the cannabis grading system. If you take a look at our list of flowers, you’ll notice that each type has a grade: from AAAA down to A.

As you may have deduced, AAAA is top-quality bud. This indicates that the aroma, flavour, and appearance of the strain have all come together to form a nearly perfect product. The terpene content is high, making for a potent and pleasant smell. The trichomes are readily seen, giving an eye-catching cover of crystals, and the buds are dense and well-formed.

AAA grade herb would be considered standard for purchasing marijuana – still of excellent quality, but slightly less perfect than AAAA grade. The smell and flavour should still be strong and enjoyable with relatively dense buds. The colour may not be as vibrant, but as long as it isn’t showing any signs of browning it can still achieve an AAA grade.

AA and A grade weed are cheaper and of lesser quality, though it is still possible to find decent AA grade bud.

You may also see products listed with the letters HTFSE in the name. This stands for High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract, a high-tech product created with the intention of preserving the terpenes and eliminating the waxes, lipids, and fats. The term “full-spectrum” refers to keeping most of the compounds intact. HTFSE products are typically 13 to 40 percent terpenes.

Live resin is another high-terpene form of cannabis. It is made from fresh green marijuana that has never been dried or cured. A flash-freezing process is used to extract the oils, which keeps them intact for maximum potency. Live resin is typically dabbed.

Take A Look At Terpenes

Hopefully you have learned enough about terpenes to pique your curiosity! Keep an eye on flavour descriptions to get an idea of what kind of terpenes are present in strains you enjoy. Take a moment to appreciate the smells and flavours and recognize the beautiful role of your new friends, terpenes.

What Are The Strongest Cannabis Strains?

What Are The Strongest Cannabis Strains?

Girl scout cookies, purple diesel, grand master kush, death bubba….cannabis strains can be a mystery to the uninitiated. Each one has its own unique characteristics, taste, colour, and most importantly, a different effect on our bodies.  Figuring out your favourite strain is part of the fun.

And for many users, once they’ve developed some tolerance for cannabis, strong strains start to appeal. If you’re looking for an intense high, there’s no shortage of options on the market these days. The strength of cannabis strains has increased on average from 4% in 1995 to 12% in 2014!

That’s some potent weed, and it’s not for everyone. But if you want to experiment with strong cannabis strains, here’s a guide to some of the classic, strongest options on the market today.

What Makes a Strong Strain of Weed?

Cannabis has lots of different effects on our bodies and mind. These effects are caused by a group of chemicals called cannabinoids that are found in all cannabis plants. The most common cannabinoids are THC and CBD, although there are up to 100 more.

CBD mostly affects our bodies, reducing pain and inflammation and leaving us feeling relaxed and calm. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis – the euphoric high that many users are looking for.

So when people talk about “strong” strains of weed, they usually mean high-THC strains that have strong psychoactive effects. So how come some strains are stronger than others?

Each strain of weed you see for sale – from girl scout cookies to purple haze – has been bred to have specific properties. Every strain will have a different amount of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, as well as other important chemicals called terpenes.

So the strength of a strain will depend on its genetics, but also on the environment where it was grown. How high you get will also be influenced by how you choose to consume your cannabis, your environment, and your personal tolerance levels.

What Does It Feel Like To Use a Strong Cannabis Strain?

Potent, high-THC strains have strong psychoactive effects. You’ll feel a sense of euphoria, intoxication, and elation. You’ll likely also notice your cognition, memory, and perception of time are altered. For regular users with a high tolerance, using a strong strain can provide the intense high that they’re looking for.

For less experienced users or those with a lower tolerance, a strong strain can be a less positive experience. Anxiety, paranoia, and a sense of panic can be unpleasant side effects of a high-THC strain. While not seriously dangerous, it can be very uncomfortable and overwhelming to overdo it on strong cannabis strains.

Tips for Trying The Strongest Cannabis Strains

Because strong strains almost guarantee an intense experience, it’s worth taking into account some safety tips before you use, to avoid a bad high:

  • Start small! You probably won’t want to use as much as you normally would if you’re chosen a stronger strain. There’s no harm in starting with a small amount and seeing how you feel.
  • Don’t use high-THC strains all the time. There’s some evidence that high-THC strains have stronger links to psychosis and are more addictive. So save these strong strains for special occasions.
  • Think about how you consume. For example, dabbing is more intense than smoking, so dabbing a high-THC strain will be even more intense. It’s best to choose a method of consumption that you’re comfortable with, and where you can manage your dose carefully
  • Choose a safe environment. To limit the negative side effects of a serious high, consume in a place you feel comfortable, with people who you trust. Make sure you have some water on hand and don’t mix your weed with alcohol.

The Strongest Strains of Weed in Canada


With all that in mind, here are five classic strong strains of weed for you to explore:

1.  Girl Scout Cookies/GSC

Girl Scout Cookies, with its purple leaves and orange hairs, is a Cannabis Cup-winning strain that has recorded THC levels of up to 28%. It’s known for an intense euphoria and sense of relaxation and is a hybrid strain with a sweet smell and taste. GSC also has powerful medical benefits and is used for treating pain and inflammation, as well as depression.

2.  Sour Diesel

As the name suggests, Sour Diesel has a chemical aroma like gasoline. That hasn’t hurt the popularity of this sativa strain. The high from Sour Diesel is a “head high”: very euphoric, creative, and energetic. Its THC content sits around 21-24%, which is plenty, and the high can be overwhelming for new users.

3.  Bruce Banner

Any strain named after the Incredible Hulk is going to pack a punch, and Bruce Banner lives up to its namesake. With THC content up to a whopping 30%, this isn’t a strain to take lightly. Bruce Banner is a hybrid strain, which gives a relaxing body high in addition to the initial euphoria. It’s also a good painkiller and often used to treat depression and anxiety.

4.  Godfather OG

Godfather OG is an indica strain known for its extremely relaxing effects: couch-lock is a real possibility here. It has strong sedative effects and can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and stress. With an average THC content of 25%, Godfather OG offers an intense high and is a favourite with users looking to mellow out completely.

5.  Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a strain that appeared in 2016 and has up to 28% THC content. It’s a 50/50 hybrid with an initial euphoric high followed by intense relaxation. Another sedative strain, Gorilla Glue is often used to treat insomnia and anxiety. It can be a bit overwhelming for new users, and some people might experience paranoia or anxiety the first time they try it.

Start Exploring Strong Cannabis Strains For Yourself

As cannabis strains get stronger and stronger, more users are drawn to the intense highs they offer. It’s definitely worth taking it easy when you first start exploring strong cannabis for yourself. You might be surprised by just how strong the effects are, especially if you’re used to more mellow strains.

But there’s lots to be said for the all-encompassing experience of a truly intense high. Whether you’re looking for stress relief, euphoria, or just to forget the world for a bit, these strong strains like girl scout cookies and purple punch can offer an unforgettable experience. There’s plenty more where they came from too: don’t just stick to our recommendations. Explore the many strains of weed you can now buy online in Canada, and find your favourites for yourself.

How Does CBD Oil Work for Migraine Treatment?

How Does CBD Oil Work for Migraine Treatment?

Medical marijuana in Canada is an exciting and rapidly growing industry. Since legalization, more Canadians are gaining access to the potential medical benefits of cannabis. Those suffering from chronic pain, recovering from injuries, or receiving chemotherapy can all benefit from the pain-relieving properties of medical marijuana.

CBD oil, and other cannabis products, are increasingly being used to treat migraines too. There’s a slowly growing body of evidence that suggests it could be very beneficial. As all sufferers will know, migraines are no joke. And any safe product that can offer relief is an exciting prospect.

So if you’re considering using CBD oil to treat a migraine, here’s what we know (and don’t know) about how it works.

What Is a Migraine?

A migraine is a severe headache that can last between 4 and 72 hours. Most migraine-sufferers experience a throbbing pain on one side of the head. Nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light are also common side effects. As you can imagine, these symptoms can really disrupt your daily activities.

Many people start to experience migraines in childhood, and continue to suffer from them throughout their lives. They can be triggered by certain foods or drinks, hormonal changes, stress, or even changes to the weather.

Traditional Migraine Treatments

There’s a wide range of medications available on the market to treat the symptoms of a migraine. However, not all of them are suitable for everyone (for example, if you have high blood pressure or are at risk of stroke). And some have side effects that many patients don’t want to risk.

Opioids are sometimes used to treat severe migraines – but as we know, opioids are extremely addictive. Even over-the-counter drugs, like aspirin and ibuprofen, can be damaging to your stomach and liver if taken for long periods of time. It’s no wonder then, that CBD oil has begun to emerge as a promising treatment for migraines.

Can CBD Oil Improve Migraine Symptoms?

Over the last few years, medical marijuana in Canada and elsewhere has grown more and more popular. However, often the scientific research lags behind the anecdotal evidence – and the same is true for using CBD oil  to treat migraines.

However, there are some studies that suggest medical marijuana can help lessen the pain and severity of migraines. For example, this research paper from 2016 showed that migraine frequency reduced from 10.4 to 4.6 headaches per month with use of medical marijuana. And this study found that many patients were able to replace prescription opioids with medical marijuana.

How Does Cannabis Affect our Bodies?

So how does it work? All cannabis affects our body by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. This group of receptors, found throughout our body, was only discovered fairly recently, and still isn’t very well understood. We have cannabinoid receptors in our brains, immune system, and our nervous system.

Cannabis contains chemicals called cannabinoids that are similar to natural chemicals in our body. When we ingest these cannabinoids, they interact with our endocannabinoid system, changing the sensations we feel.

How Can CBD Treat a Migraine?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the most common cannabinoids found in most strains of marijuana. Scientists don’t yet know exactly how it interacts with our cannabinoid system. But we do know it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects throughout the body. It’s also worth noting that CBD isn’t psychoactive – which means it won’t doesn’t get you high.

So, although we don’t know for sure, it seems those anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties of CBD could help treat migraines. There’s a lot more research needed here. But the good news is, CBD oil has very few side effects, so it’s okay to try it out and see if it works to relieve your migraine symptoms.

How To Use Cannabis to Treat Migraines

There are lots of different ways to use cannabis to treat migraines. Smoking, vaping, edibles, and CBD oil will all have similar effects. Which method you choose will depend on your personal preferences, tolerance, and migraine symptoms. A few things to consider are:

1.   THC vs CBD

CBD is known for its pain relieving properties, and like we mentioned, isn’t psychoactive. THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) is the other most common cannabinoid in weed. It is psychoactive, so any product with THC will get you high.

It also has additional pain relieving effects, so you might want to experiment with different strains to find the right mix for you. Bear in mind though, that if you want to relieve migraine symptoms and go about your daily life, a CBD-dominant product (like CBD oil or CBD edibles) might be better for you.

2.   Method of Consumption

Some medical marijuana patients in Canada prefer smoking or vaping. These methods provide more instant relief. They also typically involve consuming dried cannabis flower, which can have a full cannabinoid profile and therefore potentially a more potent effect.

Others prefer edibles or oils that dissolve under your tongue. These methods can take a while to have an effect, but it can be easier to manage your dose than with smoking. This is especially true in Canada, where medical marijuana is regulated by Health Canada, so you can be sure that the dose on the packet is what you’ll receive.

3.   Dosage

Because using medical marijuana to treat headaches isn’t well understood, there’s no clear guidance on dosage. The right dose for you will depend on your tolerance, familiarity with CBD products, and your natural body chemistry. We’d recommend starting small and working up from there.

4.   Side Effects

There are very few known side effects of CBD oil or edibles when used for medical marijuana. Especially compared to over over-the-counter and prescription drugs, CBD is safe and has limited side-effects. Some people do experience nausea and drowsiness though.

And of course, if you take too much, you could experience “greening out”. While not particularly dangerous, it can be an unpleasant experience – so, like we said, start small.

CBD Migraine Treatment: Cause for Optimism

If you’ve suffered from migraines throughout your life, any potential new treatment is a cause for excitement. And CBD oil is especially exciting because it is safe, has few side effects, and is easily accessible throughout Canada. Medical marijuana is now safely available online, so you can experiment with finding the right product and dose to ease the pain of regular migraines, and get back to regular li