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Health Effects of Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Health Effects of Consuming Cannabis Edibles


With weed edibles for sale in Canada, it means that everyone is curious about the effects. Cannabis edibles are a useful, not to mention, delicious way to reap the plant’s medicinal benefits. They are the perfect tasty package to deliver high doses of valuable cannabis medicine when you need it most. And if you’ve been wondering about the effects — yes, edibles do feel quite different.


Smoked Weed Versus Edibles


For those with some experience smoking cannabis, the effects are often mild, uplifting, and pleasant. Smoking and vaping cannabis is an excellent introduction to the power of the plant. The results are relaxing, usually chill, and the onset comes on within ten minutes or less. 


Depending on the mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, you may feel social, sleepy, hungry, or creative. If you smoke or vape, the high generally last between four to six hours.


But, edibles are an entirely new way to experience cannabis. While the felt effects are quite similar, they can feel substantially more powerful. Unless you have a substantial THC tolerance, you may notice that an edible is much more social, sleepy, hungry, or creative than that joint you remember.


Why are edibles different, even if they contain the same weed as you smoke? Because your digestive tract transforms the THC into a metabolite called THC-COOH. Researchers believe that this compound is many-times more intoxicating than straight THC. The same dose of smoked versus eaten THC will feel quite different.


You’ll also want to consider that it takes time to digest edibles. Instead of feeling stoned in 10 minutes, it can take up to two hours. People often assume their edibles aren’t working, when they haven’t completely absorbed yet. This leads to the final point. Edibles can last far longer. If you eat a big dose of THC, expect to feel stoned for eight hours or more.


The Health Benefits of Cannabis Edibles


The many weed edibles for sale in Canada are often described as medicinal. Edibles are an excellent alternative for patients looking for options beyond joints and bongs. What therapeutic benefits can you expect if you eat a juicy THC-gummy bear or a dense and chocolatey brownie?


Pain Relief

One of the most extensive areas of research into cannabis’ medicinal qualities is around pain. Patient surveys indicate that patients prefer medical marijuana over more conventional pharmaceuticals, like oxycodone. There have been many clinical trials into THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids to treat pain.


Edibles are especially powerful for pain relief because they easily deliver larger THC doses than is feasible by smoking. Plus, the effects seem to penetrate more deeply and last longer than other routes of administration. 


Banish Insomnia

A second common use for medical marijuana edibles is for sleep. There is a lot of complicated science around cannabinoids and sleep, but most patients continue to report it is beneficial. The research says that THC especially improves the time it takes to get to sleep, but these effects may dissipate. If you need help getting to sleep, an edible packed with THC is a good first start.


Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The side effects of chemotherapy are often described as more challenging than cancer itself. Chemotherapy is painful, kills appetite, and induces nausea and vomiting. Cannabis, primarily THC and CBD, soothe pain, boost appetite, and help reduce nausea and vomiting. Plus, for cancer patients, smoking isn’t always an option. Edibles make it easy to dose, as a co-therapy to chemotherapy and make the experience manageable. 


The Side Effects of Weed Edibles


No medicine comes without side effects, even medical marijuana. Thankfully, the side effects of cannabis are generally mild, well-tolerated, and short-lived. Unlike pharmaceuticals (that cannabis tends to replace), there are few long-term risks. For starters, you can’t die from cannabis edibles, no matter how much you consume.


Edibles are also a healthier alternative to smoking and vaping. Smoking and vaping can lead to some respiratory infections. Although these tend to dissipate once you stop smoking, it’s less than ideal when it’s happening. 



Some would call this a benefit, while others a side effect. It just depends on what you are using the edible for. Most cannabis-infused goodies are slightly sedative, especially those made with indica and higher-levels of THC. They don’t always make for great pre-work medicine, especially in larger doses.


Red Eyes

Red eyes are one of the most visible signs of a high. Whether you smoke, dab, or eat your weed, you may find yourself standing in front of a mirror looking straight into bloodshot eyes. Red and dry eyes are annoying, but ultimately inconsequential effect of cannabis. Typically, your eyes will stay red for a few hours, but quickly go back to normal. You can always be Visine.



In higher doses, THC can trigger the onset of anxiety and paranoia. Some folks who are especially sensitive to THC may find that any dose makes them start to feel nervous. If you are new to edibles or THC, it’s best to start with a low dose (5 to 10 mg). This will help reduce the risk of negative experiences. And, if you do become paranoid, remember this will only last for a few hours. Eventually, the anxiousness will dissolve.


A Total Green Out

Greening out is what happens when you consume too much THC. Greening out generally only occurs when you consume high-potency products like concentrates, tinctures, and edibles. It can feel too overwhelming to the point people call 911. Although frightening and very uncomfortable, the experience is short-lived and has no long-lasting effects. Pay close attention to the dose, and always start lower than you expect.


Health Benefits of Cannabis Edibles


So, with weed edibles for sale in Canada, and more Canadians than ever before getting on board, what are you waiting for? The side effects are minimal, and the health benefits substantial. Edibles are a long-lasting and potent source of stress relief and relaxation. If you have pain, inflammation, insomnia, and more, edibles are the relief you’ve been looking for.


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