91 Supreme Caviar

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1g per jar

Caviar[THCA diamonds] is a proprietary product of 91 Supremeʼs. First, it follows the same process as in HTFSE. What makes Caviar different is that the whole time they are purging, the terpene vapours are captured through a sophisticated method of subzero terpene trapping. These valuable terpenes are then reintroduced to the already reintroduced terpene mixture breaking down the crystals to the point where they are small balls of caviar.Approx THC 40-60%Approx CBD <1-10%Approx Terpene Content: 20-40ml/Gram


Dank Sinatra-Indica, Five Alive-Hybrid, Orange Sherbert-Sativa, Sweet Island Skunk-Sativa, Watermelon Zkittlez-Hybrid

2 reviews for 91 Supreme Caviar

  1. Sam Hotzon

    Love the product customer service is excellent have placed 3 orders will place more in the future

  2. Sam Hotzon

    Ordered the Sweet Island Skunk this time. Looking forward to a side effect that might give me some energy. Will keep you posted once I have tried it. Can’t say enough about the customer service. I have had to call on them a few times and each time they are helpful and they respond quickly not 48 hours like most.

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