Blackberry Cookies

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Strain Name: Blackberry Cookies

Strain Classification: Hybrid

Strain Highlights:THC: 20% – 21%. Blackberry Cookies is ideal for a serious session and we would recommend you fill your pantry before you light up. The strain name appears to be fittingly food-centric, as Blackberry Cookies will have the user raiding their own refrigerator to satisfy their munchies. The strain is extremely euphoric and is ideal for a ‘chill’ experience. The sweet, strong berry taste of Blackberry Cookies has made it a hit among our customers, just read the reviews! Touted for its aroma and flavour, the sweet cookie taste is complemented on the exhale by the berry notes. It has some punch to the nose and eyes and is frequently said to be a smooth smoke. With a moderate to high potency, the effects of the strain will, of course, vary from user to user depending on tolerance. For a seasoned smoker, Blackberry Cookies is great for day or night, for infrequent smokers, this strain would be best delegated for evening use.


Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce



6 reviews for Blackberry Cookies

  1. randibyng74

    Wow what a beautiful looking bud ! The smell is amazing also. I just received my order so I haven’t smoked it yet but I am sure it is going to be bomb . This site amazes me with the quality of product I receive each and every time . Thanks once again ! MPC ROCKS !

  2. Wendy89

    I love the fruity blackberry scent. Makes you more aware but doesn’t give you a rush. Highly euphoric and good for social situations.

  3. Fazul

    I really enjoyed this strain. My friend actually was the one who told me to buy it to help me relax and help my insomnia. It was very well balanced, not too overpowering. It Definitely helped me sleep.

  4. Lucio Mendez

    It was worth trying. I wouldn’t get this strain on a regular basis though it has some berry and earthy flavors to it

  5. Jansen

    This is a very tasty strain. It has a mellow feeling. It is very relaxing and perfect for me. I use it both day and night .

  6. Cheklav

    This is a wonderful train. It has a heavy hits that last for hours. It relieves any pain in your body, and clear my mind. This is my favorite strain when I need heavy pain relief.

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