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Grand Master Kush Per Gram: $7.14

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    Strain Name: Grand Master Kush

    Strain Classification: 50/50 Hybrid

    Strain Highlights: THC: 22%

    Effects: Body High

    Grand Master Kush is a notable cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk. It is known to prove helpful for patients suffering from depression, anxiety oriented syndromes, nausea, muscle spasm and tremors, and insomnia. It tingles the taste buds with a fresh and fruity flavour which has a smooth, textural feel. It has a mixed aroma of fruits, lemon and lavender which has a calming effect on the body. It has a THC level of 22% and CBD level of 0.59%. Also, it has a CBN content of 0.52%.It is an appetite inducer and keeps the patient energetic enough to stay focused. So the user need not worry about failing mind alertness and consciousness. The patient can go through all work with a calm and anxiety free mind. The best thing about this particular strain is that it does not cause the throat and lungs to become over dry and agitated. This medical marijuana strain is highly recommendable due to its powerful properties and the benefits it holds for the patients.

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    1 review for Grand Master Kush Per Gram: $7.14

    1. Ross

      It really good for aching joints, it also keeps me clear headed all day. Love the strong aroma with beautiful red hairs. An all time favorite.

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