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Mikro – 1:1 THC/CBD

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    Mikro THC:CBD Infused Gummies offer synergistic relief, thanks to the perfect balance of these two main cannabinoids. Each piece contains equal parts of THC and CBD, for a total of 5 mg of cannabinoids. Together these compounds work together in what is known as an Entourage Effect. Each package of Mikro THC:CBD Infused Gummies contains 20 gummies and a total of 50 mg of CBD and 50 mg of THC. Flavours citrus, lime, and raspberry.


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    Citrus, Lime, Raspberry

    2 reviews for Mikro – 1:1 THC/CBD

    1. Mr.Sung.

      If you’re looking for a head high, then look somewhere else. This one gives you body high with a bit of clarity.

    2. Jacque

      Great to chew during the day. I chew one then go about my day, I stay well focused all day and productive. Great taste and nice packaging.

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