Violator Kush Per Gram: $6.43

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Strain Name: Violator Kush

Strain Classification: Indica

Strain Highlights:

THC: 19% – 23%.


Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce



4 reviews for Violator Kush Per Gram: $6.43

  1. Alishia

    Very nice buzz straight from the start .Great for relaxing and kicking back.

  2. Salo83

    This strain is pretty damn strong.Really love this strain. It is the perfect kush before going to bed.

  3. Mercy T

    Great strain for night time use, I can always get to sleep easily after smoking it . I love it pungent sour and earthy scent and taste. When you smoke violator you feel it in your lungs very heavy smoke almost harsh.

  4. Rachael Darrael

    I got insomnia and after smoking this BYE BYE insomnia. The strain is wonderful. Can’t go wrong with this strain.

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