Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating Canadian which has become the darling of Canadians. Research has demonstrated it’s medicinally valuable for anxiety, seizure disorders, inflammation, and insomnia. What’s more, it’s well-tolerated and has a remarkably good safety profile, even in high doses.

My Pure Canna is a one-stop shop for all things marijuana. We carry a wide selection of CBD from trusted national producers in a variety of formats. Whether you love to pop a CBD-infused edible before a meeting or take a dose of CBD oil before bed, you’ll find what you need here and at a low price.


Medical cannabis concentrates encompass a universe of possibilities, including hash, oils, resin, shatter, vape oils, and everything in between. While there are 101 ways to create cannabis concentrates, they all have one purpose: to extract the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes into a concentrates format.

Most concentrates start with a potency around 40 to 50 percent, but distillates and isolates can reach upwards of 99 percent purity. Concentrates are ideal for dabbing, vaping, making your own edibles, and even smoking. The beauty of buying high-quality marijuana concentrates online is the world of options they present.


Edibles are Canadian’s new favourite way to appreciate the magic of medical cannabis. From coast to coast, Canadians are buying weed edibles in record numbers. Edibles, like infused gummies, hard candies, and chocolates, offer predictable and delicious medicinal relief to Canadians.

Why buy edibles online in Canada? Because every edible from My Pure Canna is dosed consistently and with precision, with a transparent ingredient list. We are the trusted source that Canadians turn to for edibles. Every piece comes professionally infused with a dose of cannabinoid therapy, whether it’s THC, CBD, or a balance of the two.


In our opinion, the shining star of the cannabis plant is the flower. These dark, crystal-coated buds contain all the good vibrations and medicinal relief you are looking for. Thanks to each strain’s unique cannabinoids and terpene profiles, every bud bought online from a leading dispensary is a powerful experience.

The best cannabis online in Canada boils down to the pure unadulterated flower. My Pure Canna is your one-stop-shop. We carry a wide variety of indicas, sativas, and hybrids from craft producers across the country. From old favourites to exotic new strains, you can buy weed online in eighths, quarters, halves, and full ounces.

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