How Long Does THC Stay in Your Urine?

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Urine?

It may be legal to buy cannabis online in Canada, but that doesn’t mean that all employers are in favour of it. Those that aren’t often subject their employees to urine testing that tests for the presence of THC metabolites that show whether someone has consumed cannabis. 


If you have a urine test on the horizon, then here’s what you need to know about how long cannabis remains detectable in your urine.


How Long Does THC Remain Detectable in Urine?

There’s no hard and fast formula that can answer this question definitively. Several factors govern the length of time for which THC remains detectable in urine. They include the frequency of use, the dose, diet and exercise habits and genetics. But before we discuss any of those, let’s explain what the urine test is looking for.


Urine tests are not designed to detect THC. Rather, they detect a metabolite known as THCCOOH that the body produces after THC consumption. This is essentially a waste product that’s produced after your body metabolizes THC, and approximately 15 to 20% of the THC consumed is excreted as metabolites in urine.


The Variables That Affect How Long Cannabis Is Detectable

One of the primary factors that determines the length of time for which you’ll return a positive test is the size of the actual dose itself. Essentially, the more potent your cannabis is, the more THC there is to metabolize and the higher the presence of metabolites in your urine.


Frequency of use is also another important contributor. First-time consumers may pass a urine test within 5 to 7 days. But if you’re a more habitual toker and consume cannabis daily, then you may require 4 to 6 weeks before urine metabolite concentrations drop below the detectable threshold.


These time lengths are not definitive by any means as everyone has different activity levels, genetic predispositions and body weights, all of which affect metabolic rates. If you’re anxious about passing a test, then you don’t have to worry about peeing clear; you only need to return a reading below the testing threshold, which is still above zero.


Edibles tend to stay in the body for longer than smoked or vaped forms of cannabis, but not by much. The THC from edibles may remain detectable for an extra day at most and is unlikely to affect the results of a test. The reason for this is that there is an additional stage involved in metabolizing THC with edibles. 


After the THC passes through the digestive tract, the liver converts the delta 9-THC present in the plant to 11-Hydroxy-THC which is later metabolized to THCCOOH. Smoking or vaping cannabis flower or concentrates skip this step and go straight from delta 9-THC to the metabolite.


How To Make THC Leave Your System Sooner

Since the urine test for cannabis relies on metabolites, one sure way to increase the rate of excretion is to speed up your metabolism.


Diet is one way to achieve this, and certain foods can speed up our metabolism. Where fat consumption raises our metabolic rate slightly, a higher consumption of protein can raise it yet further, sometimes by as much as 25% above baseline.


Exercise is also a major player in driving the rate of metabolism. The harder you workout, the faster you metabolize. This means that exercising heavily in the run-up to a test will help your body excrete the metabolites. 


Exercise also leads to an increase in muscle mass and less body fat. The ratio between both of these is also an important determiner of metabolic rates. Essentially, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the faster you’ll metabolize THC. 


Cleansing To Beat a Test?

If you’re caught off guard by a surprise test, then what can you do to give yourself the best chance of passing?


If you have several days before the test, then you can undertake a detox program. This serves to supplement the body’s detox pathways and remove metabolites at a faster rate than the body otherwise would. You can buy detox kits specially designed for THC detox, and many of them require seven days of use before they’ll guarantee a negative result.  


If you have a same-day test, then there are several beverages that you can concoct that’ll send the detox pathways into overdrive for an emergency metabolite purge.


Lemon juice, cranberry juice, coffee, or a specially formulated cleansing drink can all help you enhance the excretion rate of metabolites in the run-up to an unexpected test. 


Hydration levels are also critical. The more fluid you consume, the more metabolites are excreted in your urine, so it’s well worth staying hydrated if you’re anxious to excrete THC metabolites in the run-up to a test.


Why Urine Tests Fall Short

Urine tests are far from ideal. They don’t show how intoxicated a person may be, nor do they indicate how much a person consumed, nor when they last consumed it. Many employers have a zero-tolerance policy towards the detection of THC metabolites, and the stigma in some circles looks set to linger for some time to come. Fortunately, for those who have advanced warning of a test, it’s still possible to tailor your habits slightly. By taking the above tips into consideration, you can successfully navigate the stress of being subjected to regular urine testing in the workplace. 


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We have abundant stocks of flower, concentrates, and edibles. Each is rich in THC and may require some mindful dosing if you’ve got a test on the horizon! If you’d rather play it safe and negate the possibility of a positive test, we also stock a range of CBD products for those who want to enjoy some of the benefits of cannabis without the fear of returning a positive test.


How to Make Distillate Infused Cannabis Edibles

How to Make Distillate Infused Cannabis Edibles

The recent wave of legalization means that it’s now possible to consume cannabis in a huge variety of ways. With the option to buy concentrates online in Canada, it has never been easier to make your own edibles at home with minimal fuss. Here’s how to make some delicious distillate-infused cannabis edibles at home.


What is Cannabis Distillate?

Cannabis distillate is a potent form of concentrated cannabis created through a process known as short path distillation. It utilizes steam, heat, and pressure, coupled with varying temperatures to successfully extract and isolate cannabinoids. Such techniques mean that highly potent forms of distillate are possible, with some distillates containing as much as 99% THC or CBD widely available.


Why Distillates are Ideal For Edibles

Distillates contain only major cannabinoids. Other beneficial compounds like terpenes are left behind during the extraction process. The odourless and flavourless oil that results leads to the distinct lack of flavour that could overpower a recipe, something that makes cannabis distillates very attractive to those looking for something that won’t spoil the taste.


Such extractions also make it easy to add when cooking. With carefully measured volumes, you can confidently add the distillate, knowing exactly how many milligrams of THC or CBD you are adding. One of the main problems with homemade edibles with cannabis flower is that it’s difficult to gauge the potency until you actually try them. 


In the case of stronger than expected edibles, this can often be an unpleasant experience for innocent consumers. Many people have had their super-relaxing high, suddenly transform into a fearful and anxious experience. When you are working with distillate, be sure to carefully calculate dose. Start with a small piece, and work your way up.


Distillates also come decarboxylated. This is the process whereby THC converts from its inactive form of THCA that’s present in raw cannabis flower. When consumers must decarboxylate manually, there’s always the risk of doing it incorrectly, exposing it to too much heat for too long and destroying some of the compounds. 


Almost all other forms of cannabis, such as raw bud and common concentrates like shatter and live resin, all require decarboxylation. This process involves heating the flower or concentrate at approximately 150 degrees Celcius for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.


How to Make Cannabis Edibles with Distillate

The process of making edibles with distillate is incredibly simple and doesn’t require any expertise. Here’s an easy-to-follow procedure that’ll help you infuse the distillate with a fat source before baking.


  • Heat a small bowl of water to a moderately warm temperature. You’ll be adding the distillate to the water, so be careful not to bring the water to the boil. Cannabinoids like THC will begin to degrade around the boiling point of water.
  • Add some oil or butter to the warm water. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble and will require some form of fat to help ensure optimal absorption.
  • Add the distillate into the solution and mix it thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of the concentrate.
  • Transfer the mixture to another dish and place it in the microwave for two minutes. At this point, you can now add the fat-infused cannabinoids from the distillate to your standard baking recipe.
  • When you place it in the oven, it’s important to be aware of the temperature. The higher the temperature, the more likely you are to destroy the cannabinoids. As a rule of thumb, try and keep the temperature below 160 degrees Celsius.


How to Make Gummies with Cannabis Distillate

Gummies are one of the simplest forms of cannabis edible to make at home and require only a few simple ingredients.


To begin, you’ll need to gather up the following ingredients.

  • 1 cup of fruit juice
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of gelatin or agar agar.
  • 3-5 teaspoons of sugar
  • Cannabis distillate


  • Heat the fruit juice over a medium heat.
  • Add the gelatin or agar agar and stir until it has dissolved.
  • Add the granulated sugar and mix it until dissolved over a slow boil.
  • Add the cannabis distillate and stir it in thoroughly.
  • As the solution thickens, carefully transfer it to the gummy moulds.
  • Allow them to sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before placing them in the refrigerator until they set.
  • Once set, remove them from the moulds and sprinkle them in granulated sugar to prevent them from sticking.


Dosing with Edibles

Dosing in edibles recipes is notoriously tricky, but distillates negate much of the guesswork involved. By using the dropper, it becomes straightforward to precisely add the amount of distillate required. 


Edible portions generally start at 10 mg of THC, so depending on your experience, you can titrate your dose accordingly. 10 mg of THC is more than enough for the average consumer and should deliver noticeable effects within an hour or so of consumption. More experienced consumers, or those treating conditions like chronic pain, may require much more substantial doses and should dose accordingly.


It’s always recommended to buy the highest-quality distillate you can afford. Ideally, distillates should appear light yellow in colour and exhibit clear qualities due to the lack of impurities.


While distillate is easy to measure and add to any recipe, it does come with one drawback in that it doesn’t contain the full spectrum of plant compounds. This means that it may not offer the same medicinal benefit as other forms of cannabis concentrates that preserve the entire spectrum of the plant. 


The reason for this is that the minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids all act synergistically to form what’s known as the entourage effect. It’s this mechanism that helps promote the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant to its full extent.


Buy Concentrates Online in Canada

If you’d like to buy concentrates online in Canada for edible recipes, then at My Pure Canna we’ve got you covered. We stock distillates and a wide variety of cannabis concentrates such as shatter and live resin that can also be used for edible recipes. With our years of experience in the sector, we know what consumers want, so why not head on over to our shop before you get busy in the kitchen!


Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

Let’s start today’s discussion on Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

We all know the positive benefits of smoking weed, especially now it’s so easy to buy recreational weed online. But for some, the fun of getting high may be accompanied by negative side effects that aren’t quite as pleasant. 

Dry mouth is one of them, although that’s easily solved by making sure you always have something to drink during your smoking sessions. Red eyes are another that affects some people more dramatically than others, and again, there’s an easy fix for that — bring on the eye drops. 

But there’s a subset of people who have stopped smoking weed because they find it makes them paranoid. The experience is unpleasant enough they don’t want to risk it again. One study suggests that as many as one in five people are convinced others are trying to harm them when high.

What is the paranoid meaning?

If you are looking for the answer to paranoia definition or paranoid meaning, then according to Cambridge we can say, “feeling extremely nervous and worried because you believe that other people do not like you or are trying to harm you

So Why Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

👉 Sadly, you have to blame it on the THC. The same lovely cannabinoid that gets you high can also make you paranoid. Its psychoactive compound binds to receptors in the amygdala, the cluster of nuclei in the temporal lobe that regulates emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, and paranoia. The sudden rush of THC may overstimulate the amygdala, leaving you feeling anxious and maybe even fearful. 

👉 The amygdala, commonly called the “lizard brain,” is greatly affected by cannabis. Because pot can affect short-term memory and cause your thoughts to echo, it can produce mental distortions as well as the more pleasant psychotropic ones like intensifying colors and making food — even strange food combinations — taste amazing. 

👉If you do start to feel like sinister things are happening (that phone won’t stop ringing and you don’t recognize the number; everyone will know you’re high and judge you negatively for it), it might be time to take a look at the kind of pot you’re smoking rather than giving it up entirely.

👉 Luckily, CBD, which doesn’t bind in the same way or to the same cannabinoid receptors in the brain, can moderate or eliminate the unpleasant paranoid side effects you may be experiencing when high. 

👉 With its ability to relieve anxiety and help you chill, a strain that has a lower THC: CBD ratio (in other words, has more CBD), will still get you high but will help you avoid the unpleasant and irrational paranoia. Try strains like Harlequin OG, Blue Dream, or Cannatonic to see if it makes a difference. And look for strains that are higher in linalool, limonene, and myrcene terpenes.

What About the Dose?

The more you smoke, the more likely you are to become paranoid. To some extent, it’s a simple math formula, or at least it seems to be, based on animal research done to date. But there are, of course, many other things that affect the dose. THC: CBD ratio, the unique configuration of your particular brain and where your opioid receptors are located. 

Paranoia might be a more frequent side effect for you if more of your opioid receptors are located towards the back of your brain. The likelihood of your knowing whether this is the case or not is slim, however. So if you do occasionally feel paranoid when you smoke weed, try to identify the strain you were smoking and figure out whether you indulged more than usual.

One study suggests an increase of 5 mg of THC can make the difference between reducing stress and increasing anxiety. So, start low, go slow, especially if you’re ingesting a high THC strain with little or no CBD.

What Other Factors Are Involved?

Brain chemistry, gender, frequency, and amount smoked are all factors that can affect whether marijuana will make you start to feel paranoid or not. Higher estrogen levels can make you 30% more sensitive to cannabis. There are other studies indicating estrogen plays a role in alcohol sensitivity as well.

What to Do if Smoking Weed Makes You Paranoid

  • Chill. The whole point of recreational weed is to relax, let your cares dissipate, and get into a different – and better – headspace. Let that happen.
  • Breath. Close your eyes and just focus on breathing in deeply through your nose, hold for a count of three, four, or five, and then breathe out deeply through your mouth. Or try one-nostril yoga breathing. If it can relax you before a root canal, it can help with a mild case of THC-induced paranoia.
  • Slow down. You’re probably high enough. Let the joint – or the bong – pass you by for the rest of the evening. The feelings of anxiety and paranoia will fade.
  • More CBD. Next time you want to buy weed online in Canada, look for a slightly higher ratio of CBD to THC. You can find the same choice of different THC: CBD ratios in edibles, concentrates, and tinctures available online.
  • Choose by your Nose. Check out strains that have higher concentrations of pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene terpenes. They not only help you relax, but they may also help to balance, moderate, and even counteract the effects of THC.

What to Do if It Keeps Happening

For a quick fix, peel and eat an orange, inhaling the fragrance of the rind as you do so. Try some yoga breathing, especially alternate nostril breathing. Five breaths with each nostril should begin to help you start to feel calmer fast.

What else? Imagine where you would normally relax. Does that look like a dog walk? A steaming cup of tea? Putting on Seinfeld or Friends? Or what about a bath, soothing music, and lowering the lights?

If marijuana makes you paranoid persistently, you might need to take a break. Paradoxically, you might find that you feel a little paranoid during a break. Cannabis withdrawal syndrome can last four weeks, especially if you smoked a lot or every day. 

But if your paranoia doesn’t go away, it’s time to consult your healthcare practitioner. It’s not just hard for you to deal with, it’s hard for other people to have to respond to wacky allegations or provide constant reassurance about things that aren’t really happening.

How to Choose Your Strain

Start researching the strains and terpenes available wherever you buy recreational weed online in Canada. At My Pure Canna, shipping is free for all orders over $99, and live chat is available from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time so you can consult an online budtender for the strains, concentrates, or edibles that will work best for you to ensure you get high without the unwanted side effect of paranoia.