Where To Buy Weed Seed?

Where To Buy Weed Seed?

Introduction: Where To Buy Weed Seed?

In the early on part for the point where to buy weed seed? We are fundamentally focusing on subjects like How to distinguish small seeds, really taking a look at the strength of weed seeds and recognizing the distinction among solid and unfortunate, Storage methods for cannabis seeds, Laws identified with weed. To put it plainly, this is one definite article one can get about purchasing weed seed.

Let’s go through some basic points first,

Looking to get your hands on some marijuana seeds: Cannabis seeds are considered to be ‘cannabis products’ much like the concentrates and edibles that would usually come to mind when you hear the term.  Growing cannabis seeds can often be complex and thus it’s often best to gain as much knowledge on the matter as possible before you move on to growing your own cannabis plants or even creating a cannabis garden.

The Complexity of Growing Cannabis Seeds:  Taking your time to learn everything there is about growing marijuana plants can help you avoid beginner mistakes, which often arise due to the fact that the answer to a single marijuana seed question can lead to several other questions. As a result, your best course of action when starting out is to get informed on the topic before carrying out any sort of planting. Though admittedly for a topic as vast as cannabis seeds are, it could take a while to fully understand every little detail as there is too much to think about from different cannabis seeds to different cannabis seeds strains. 

Even More, Things to Look Out For: Even after you get a good understanding of the seeds and seed strains, you’ll need to know things like where to buy weed seeds online, which online cannabis seed banks to trust, and much more.

We Took Care of it: It may seem too tasking to squeeze every little detail of all these matters of the internet, so we’ve done it for you. You’ll be well underway to growing your own cannabis plants by the end of this article.

The Basics of Weed Seeds

To move forward with our in-depth guide, we need to start with the very basics of weed seeds and plants.

  1. Cannabis Plant Genders
  2. Cannabis Seed Genders

1. Cannabis Plant Genders

  • Marijuana plants have genders, in particular, the usual two of male and female, but there is also another gender which is referred to as hermaphrodite plants.
  • The reproductive organs of each plant can be found in the plant itself. Male and female plants have their own reactive organs, while hermaphrodite plants usually have organs from both genders, and as a result, can self-pollinate their flowers.
  • A cannabis seed is reproduced when a male plant pollinates a female or a hermaphrodite plant self-pollinates.
  • As the weed seeds mature, they naturally fall off the plant and are ready for being used to cultivate even more plants or can be used for hemp oil extraction.
  • The weed plant most of us are familiar with is the female flower. The female flower is biologically seed-less, and it is where all the weed you’ve ever consumed in your life came from. The plant’s Spanish name, in fact, also translates to ‘without seed’.

2. Cannabis Seed Genders

  • Much like the weed plants we’ve just discussed, weed seeds also come with different genders. Though many people claim they can differentiate between a seed’s genders by simply looking at the seed, most research shows that you need to observe the plant’s growth to figure it out.
  • Since only the female cannabis plant produces cannabis flowers, the flower needed to make weed products, the more female weed seeds you plant, the better. However, since it’s difficult to differentiate between the male and female seeds, the more weed seeds you plant, in general, the better.
  • The pre-flowering stage of the cannabis plant cycle should give you your first clue as to the gender of the plant. However, it’s a bit of a long wait since this step in the cycle occurs at around six weeks into the cannabis plant’s life.

Identifying female marijuana plant

To identify a female marijuana plant, look for the following details, depending on the growth stage it’s on:

  1. Whitish hair on the pistil, which will eventually produce bud.
  2. Tiny buds developing on the branch or main stock.
  3. The buds slowly forming into cannabis flowers.
  4. The whitish hair on the plant’s buds turning reddish-orange as the pant hits maturity.

To identify a male plant, simply look for a tulip-shaped pollen sac or a lack of white pistil hair.

Keep the Male and Female Plants Separate

  • It is crucial for you to identify early on in the growth phases whether a plant is a male or female. If you find a male plant, separate it immediately from the female ones, or else it will pollinate the female plants.
  • This is bad because pollinated female plants only produce seeds from their buds, rather than the coveted flower, which is used to make all the marijuana products we know and love.
  • Male plants should only be kept around for the purposes of breeding.

Cannabis Seed Types

When buying marijuana seeds, online or in person, the most important decision you make would be choosing what kind of marijuana seeds you want. This decision can hugely affect the growing process as some marijuana seeds need more care than others. The decision you make when buying cannabis seeds will determine the amount of work you’ll have to put in.

There are three main types of cannabis seeds, and the following is a thorough explanation of each of them:

  1. Regular Marijuana Seeds
  2. Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  3. Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

1. Regular Marijuana Seeds

  • These regular seeds have not been altered in any way, and are exactly what you would get if you were to breed two plants.
  • These regular seeds can produce plants of both genders, and thus, will require you to go through the painstakingly long process of identifying genders during the growing phases. You’ll have to keep track of all the male plants that form and discard them, or else you would risk losing the entire harvest.
  • Since these regular seeds have not been genetically altered in any form, they are the most stable seed type of the bunch.
  • However, a massive downside to buying these seeds is that since these seeds produce male and female plants at a ratio of one to one, you can expect about half the plants to turn out as male. As a result, you can only harvest half the number of weed plants that you start with, which means buying these wouldn’t be an advisable business decision by any means.

These regular cannabis seeds also run the risk of having your female plants growing both reproductive organs, and as a result, becoming hermaphrodite due to the fact that the seeds weren’t feminized.

2. Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  • Feminized seeds have been altered in such a way that they only produce a female marijuana plant.
  • These feminized seeds are obviously unnatural and have been subject to numerous chemical procedures, some of which involve spraying the original marijuana plant, which produced the seed, with colloidal silver, silver thiosulfate, or a gibberellic acid solution.
  • As previously stated, marijuana plants possess the ability to hermaphrodite, and thus, the ability to possess both reproductive organs. Feminized seeds, however, produce plants that are unable to turn into hermaphrodites.
  • Thus, this resistance to turning hermaphrodite leads to the creation of female-only marijuana plantations. It completely eliminates the need to go through any form of the gender identification process. Since you aren’t discarding any plants, you can also expect a much higher yield, essentially double what you would get from the normal seeds.
  • These feminized seeds turn into females because they only carry one set of genes. These allow for the resultant weed plants to be near-identical to their parent plant.
  • This proves to be either good or bad depending upon your desired results from your plantation. You’ll know exactly what to expect from your feminized marijuana seeds, however, if what you’re looking for is diversity, you should probably go with another option.

Since most beginner marijuana growers intend to produce buds, feminized cannabis seeds prove to be an outstanding solution. It goes without saying that these seeds are much better than the normal seeds we’ve discussed prior.

3. Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

When weed plants grown with normal seeds hit a certain age and size, they begin to go through their flowering cycle if their exposure to sunlight is reduced. Contrarily, weed plants grown from auto flower seeds automatically begin their flowering cycle upon hitting a certain age and size.

  • Autoflower seeds come in both forms, normal seeds and feminized seeds, and the decision on which one to buy completely depends upon your desired marijuana plantation.
  • The autoflower seeds prove to be an amazing choice for beginners due to the less attention they require when compared to the other seeds. You completely eliminate the need for having a fixed light cycle to stimulate the plant in its flowering phases.
  • As a result, these seeds eliminate the chances of rookie mistakes and prove to be the best option for first-time marijuana planters, who are aiming to get it right rather than perfect.
  • These also massively increase your weed flower yields. Due to them completing their flower cycle quicker than normal seeds, you can harvest more of them within the same timespan.
  • If you’re a beginner who’s only interested in producing buds, then getting a combination of autoflower seeds and feminized seeds would be your best bet.

Distinguishing Healthy and Unhealthy Weed Seeds

Identifying Healthy Weed Seeds

There is no use spending all your time and effort into figuring out what the best seed type for your requirements is if the quality of the seeds you get is sub-par. You need to get your seeds from a well-known seed bank, so to increase your chances of getting high-quality cannabis seeds.

🤝 We Took Care of That Too: 

Now normally you’d also have to suffer while trying to find some seed bank that fits your needs and is proven to be high quality, but much like the original purposes of this article, we’ve taken care of that bit for you too.

Since you need to know how to assess seed quality yourself, the following is going to be a list of criteria to look out for when getting seeds.

What Do Healthy Cannabis Seeds Look Like?

When identifying a healthy marijuana seed, keep the following in mind: General Appearance, color, Pattern, Shell, and a free of disease.

  1. General Appearance: A healthy marijuana seed would look thick and fat. Its shape would be quite round and it would have a smooth texture and have a polished finish to it.
  2. Colour: A high-quality cannabis seed would appear grey or dark brown in color.
  3. Pattern: The pattern to look out for when searching for a good quality seed would be a mottled or tiger stripe pattern.
  4. Shell: Look for a firm and hard shell. You’ll know the seed is of good quality if you apply light pressure to it and it doesn’t break.
  5. Free of Disease: You shouldn’t get a seed if you see signs of mold or fungi. If they look to be disease-ridden they probably are.


Unhealthy Cannabis Seeds

If you get pot seeds that aren’t healthy, they’ll be less likely to germinate. Germination refers to the growing of a seed into a plant or flower.

Signs Your Cannabis Seeds are Immature

  • The seeds are small and not the size of a regular marijuana seed
  • They are brittle, meaning they break easily, even when the minimal effort is applied
  • Usually, they are discolored from their natural color to a shade of white or green

Signs You Marijuana Seeds are Too Old to Germinate

  • They are light and significantly underweight
  • They are either parched or cracked

Sometimes the color isn’t always a sign of a bad seed since some strains’ primary color is white. It is good practice to look for the description of the marijuana seed on the packaging and see if the color in the description matches the color of the product.

Testing The Health of Cannabis Seeds

There are a lot of cannabis-growing experts out in the world who regularly test the health of their weed seeds by way of the float and sink method.

To perform this age-old method of determining authenticity, you have to leave your cannabis seeds in a bowl of water for around an hour. If you notice the seed to have sunk to the bottom of the bowl, after an hour has passed, the seed is most likely to be of good quality and healthy.

However, if the cannabis seed hasn’t sunk after an hour, then you should go ahead and discard the seed as it wouldn’t be worth your effort of planting and growing out.

Though this test does give a rough idea as to the potential health of a seed, the only reliable test is germination.


Storing Your Cannabis Seeds

You can safely store your cannabis seeds in a variety of ways in order to preserve them for future use. No matter where you store them, you have to ensure that the place is cold and dark. If these conditions aren’t met, there isn’t any guarantee that your seeds will survive the test of time.

A few viable options for your cannabis seed storage are the following:

  1. Refrigerator:

Storing your cannabis seeds in a fridge isn’t too bad of an idea considering the seeds would be kept airtight and out of light. If you do opt to go this route for storing your seeds, be sure to add a desiccant pouch to absorb any moisture that could’ve, potentially, harmed the seeds.

It is important to keep the fridge closed for as long and as consistently as possible since rotting can still occur if there is a temperature change or an increase in moisture.

2. Freezer:

Though viable, it isn’t the preferred option for storing your seeds. Before you place the seeds in a freezer, you’ll have to place them in an airtight container and also throw in a desiccant pouch for absorbing moisture.

However, most cannabis growers don’t recommend using a freezer since freezing cannabis seeds can dry them out and also damage their cell structure.

Meet the Conditions

Whatever method of storage you choose, if you meet the aforementioned conditions, you can expect your seeds to last for years.


Cannabis Laws Relating to Growing Weed

If you’re looking to grow marijuana, the federal law in Canada states that it’s perfectly legal to do so with the seeds you get from a reputable seed bank while buying weed seeds online or in person.

Any person, that is at least 19 years old, is legally allowed to buy weed seeds from a seed bank and is allowed to grow cannabis, up to four plants at a time. If you grow cannabis because you’re a patient who’s prescribed medical cannabis, you can go and apply for an ‘Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations’ license, which will allow you to grow your own marijuana, more than four plants at a time, and meet your dosage of medical cannabis.

The law also allows for you to grow your marijuana seeds wherever you want, whether it’s growing indoors or outdoors, it’s perfectly legal and no law enforcement can stop you from doing so.

The Top Seed Banks for Canadians

  • There are many seed banks out there with many seeds for sale, each claiming to have the best plants or some high-quality seeds.
  • However, most seed banks don’t sell seeds of good quality, and online seed banks sometimes don’t operate in Canada so there isn’t any form of guaranteed delivery when you buy cannabis seeds online from them.

Luckily we’ve compiled a list of top seed banks 👇 that operate in Canada, either locally or online.

Local Seed Banks

If you’re a Canadian resident who’s planning on growing marijuana you’re probably in search of a seed bank.

As previously mentioned there are many ways to get a hold of some quality seeds from seed banks, it’s just a matter of finding a store selling cannabis seeds that are of top quality.

If you’re in search of some local seed banks you can walk into and buy the best seed Canada has to offer, here are your best options:

Online Seed Banks

If you’d rather order marijuana seeds online, there aren’t many options available, however, the seed bank available for purchasing cannabis seeds online is quite noteworthy.

Crop King Seeds has built up its reputation as one of the best seed banks in Canada if you’re looking to order cannabis seeds online.

They have a wide array of seeds for sale along with all the different cannabis seed strains that exist. In essence, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for when buying cannabis seeds.

They offer replacement seeds and sometimes even provide free seeds if they fail to meet their germination guarantee requirements. They also offer services such as discreet delivery and allow the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method.

If you’re thinking about buying marijuana seeds online, this seed bank might be your best choice.


How Many Seeds Should You Buy And Will They Survive?

So you’re looking to buy seeds but don’t know how many seeds to get? Or maybe you’re wondering which cannabis seed strains are right for you?

Something to Keep in Mind

To answer those questions, you first have to keep in mind that whenever you grow some seeds, a certain percentage of them will always not germinate, regardless of how skilled you are at growing them. If you go out to buy seeds, always keep in mind that around one-fourth of the seeds you buy will end up dying.

When Buying Normal Seeds?

So to calculate how many you should buy, you can use the help of the example. If you want four weed plants then you’re going to want to buy four times as many, so in this case, you’d have bought 16 seeds. This accounts for all the ones that won’t germinate or would come out male, and should end up getting you at least four plants.

When Buying Feminized Seeds?

This number you buy can be reduced if you’re getting feminized seeds. If you choose to get feminized seeds, you should buy twice as many as you intend to grow. Going back to our case, that would be 8 feminized seeds. This is to account for the ones which won’t germinate, and should once again, leave you with at least four weed plants.

Which Strain to Get?

If you’re deciding on what marijuana strains to get, simply type in your desired effects into google and see which strains would give them to you.


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