Where Can I Buy Weed Grinder?

Where Can I Buy Weed Grinder?

Looking to get your hands on some herb grinders?

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, or if you have a history of tobacco usage and want to jump into the world of weed, you’re going to run into something called a grinder, and you will certainly be left with a few questions about what it is.


In the stoner world, herb grinders are among the most common smoking gear you’ll find. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from something as simple as a grinding card to a significantly more complex multi-chamber device.


Why Should You Choose a Herb Grinder?

Grinding your weed or cannabis, by way of a grinder can prove very useful if you’re looking to save time and avoid a mess. In addition, a grinder would also help you closely monitor the type of granulation, which would help you grind it to just the right amount depending upon how you want to consume your dried cannabis. You could either smoke it by rolling papers or inhale it as vaporized substances by way of a vaporizer. Though my only complaint with the latter is that the drug administration in Canada suggests you consult a licensed health care provider before using a vaporizer since it doesn’t necessarily eliminate all the toxins found in vaporized substances.


Where to get one?

They are available at any head shop at the market or if you prefer to be a customer in the online market space, you can search up a website or page like “My Pure Canna” where you can, not only purchase the grinder for your cannabis but also some of the legal dry herb along with it.


What Exactly is a Weed Grinder and Why Would I Want One for My Dry Herb?

You’ve probably already guessed what a herb grinder would do, it simply just takes your weed or cannabis and breaks it down into smaller pieces which can then, in turn, be more easily used in blunt wraps and smooth-hitting bowls.


Using a grinder helps to enhance the smokey flavor of your cannabis products, by uniformly grinding down the cannabis flower.


Though there are a number of ways in which you could grind up your weed, an herb grinder certainly proves to be the best due to its efficiency and other perks such as a kief catcher, which helps prevent creating a mess.


Kief Catcher

This catcher refers to the lowest chamber in a grinder, where it sits collecting all the potent crystal kief which get knocked off the buds of the weed during the grinding procedure. A mesh screen is usually atop the catcher and allows for the crystals to filter through. If the mesh screen gets too messy or if the mesh screen gets clogged up there are some grinders with an easy change screen you could get to avoid having to deal with such problems.


Easy Change Screen

An easy change screen is exactly what it says it is, if your screen gets clogged up simply remove it and replace it. You can easily search for and buy an easy change screen from an online website or shop. If you keep having to face troubles with clogging, you can go back to the online website and buy them in higher quantity and stock them up in your house, though I should mention, if you do choose to stock up, be sure to have money on hand as you’ll be paying a larger price.


The Different Types of Herb Grinders

There are a variety of different herb grinders out there ranging from metal grinders to acrylic grinders and even electric grinders. However, the following are the most common ones you’ll find when you search it up on a website:


A Grinder With Only One Chamber

A single chamber grinder is the simplest form of grinder you could get your hands on. Its simple design factor makes it perfect for those who want to quickly grind up a bit of their weed and have it ready to be consumed.

Sharp Teeth That Give You That Finely Ground Cannabis

The single chamber contains blades that are sharp teeth-like objects, which when combined with the blades of the cover, grind up the weed placed in between the blades. It goes without saying that the sharpest teeth grinders are often the highest quality and most efficient.


A Grinder With Two Chambers

Also referred to as a two-piece grinder, this one is perfect for anyone that is looking to get some quality grounded weed to roll smoother joints, by way of smooth grinding.


Unlike the previous grinder, this grinder comes with two chambers, as the name suggests. The second chamber is a storage compartment, which sits below the processing compartment, the one with the teeth. Once the teeth split up the weed into tiny pieces, they fall through tiny holes, also called the screen, and land in the storage compartment.


A Grinder With Three Chambers

This grinder is similar to the second one, in the sense that it too has the same top and bottom components. The main difference between the two is the middle compartment in the three-chamber grinder.


After the teeth eat through all the cannabis given to them and break them into tiny pieces, the pieces fall to the middle chamber which consists of a lot of screens for the life to go through. These multiple screens work together to ensure only the highest quality of kief gets to the bottom chamber.


How To Use a Herb Grinder

The aforementioned grinders are the most well-known and used by almost every cannabis user on the planet. Though they all have a different amount of chambers, the process of using each of them is, more or less, the same. The following is a step by step process of how to use them:


Step 1: Fill Up the Cover of the Grinder

Open the top flap of the grinder and fill it up with cannabis. Though before placing the cannabis, be sure to cut it up into smaller chunks so that it can fit into the lid, and get ground up.


Be sure to not put any herbs in the middle part of the chamber and that you only add what you intend to grind to the lid. To make sure your desired herbs grind correctly, try to fill in the lid by placing the herbs in between the teeth, at both sides of the chamber.


A Tip to Remember

When you’re filling up the lid with herbs, try not to add too much to the grinder as that would create difficulty in rotating the grinder and effectively grinding the herbs.


This could take some practice, to get down exactly how much you should use at once to not only effectively grind the herb, but also efficiently grind it. To find the perfect amount for your grinder, start off with small amounts and go up from there until you feel you can’t twist the lid as effectively.


There are different reasons for the variation in amount each grinder can effectively and efficiently grind, but it’s mainly due to the size of the chamber and also the sharpness levels of the teeth.


Step 2: Commencing the Grinding

After filling up the lid, lock it in with the rest of the grinder. If you experience any difficulties when closing the lid, try to move pieces of herb into the chamber itself. If the lid closes smoothly, you should have no trouble starting the grinding process.


Use one of your hands to firmly grasp the lid, while with your other hand, grab the rim of the grinder, below the lid. Start rotating the grinder in opposite directions, the grinder itself should be rotated clockwise, while the lid should be turned counter-clockwise.


Initially, you should feel some difficulty when rotating the two parts, but after a bit of turning, thighs should begin to ease up and move a lot more smoothly. Eventually, the blade within the processing component will start to glide through the herb and cut it up nice and easily, with no resistance at all.


A Trick to Keep in Mind

It would prove more helpful when you’re grinding, to grind with the grinder flipped upside down. This allows most of the herb to stay within the processing chamber when grinding and allows for you to thoroughly grind through every last piece of cannabis you placed within it. Once you feel comfortable with the amount you ground your herb, flip the grinder back around to allow for the kief to find its way down to the storage chamber.


Step 3: Empty the Storage Chamber

The last step to grinding your weed is to collect it. To begin with, start by pressing the lid a few times to ensure no herbs remain trapped in the inside area. This is especially important if you’re using a grinder with more than one chamber, as it ensures all the material goes down to the final chamber.


Finally, very carefully remove the lid and collect the fine powder you’re sure to have made. If your grinder came with a scraper, you can use the scraper to gather every last bit of material that’s in the storage chamber.


What Are Some Ways to Effectively Collect All the Kief in the Grinder

While the prior mentioned steps only help you to use a grinder, there are a few things you can do to effectively turn all your cannabis into the tiny precious material you desire. The following are methods to enhance the performance of your grinder:


Use a Penny

Aside from just simply grinding and getting your powdered herbs, there is a simple technique that allows you to get more out of your grinder, literally.


Simply add a penny or any small coin for the matter, to the middle chamber of a three-chamber grinder. When you are done twisting the grinder, make sure all its components are securely attached to each other, and then begin shaking the whole grinder vigorously. Doing this before collection will help more kief fall down to the bottom chamber which previously couldn’t due to being caught up in a screen or a wide array of other reasons.


This will allow you to amass more of the precious kief you desire when you open up the grinder for collection.


Freezing Your Cannabis Beforehand

This tip might sound very strange but it actually does help a lot when using a grinder. Doing this will allow you to more easily remove any of the hair structures from your kief powder, by making them more fragile.


Advantages of Using a Grinder

Though we have mentioned some of them before, within this article, we’ll be taking a deeper look at each one and telling you why a grinder is your best choice for breaking down cannabis. Though there are a lot of reasons for the aforementioned claim, we’ll only cover the following few:


It Provides Excellent Accuracy

Using a grinder will help ensure that the powder that you get will be of even quality when you smoke it. It provides the much-needed consistency in the art of processing a herb’s natural chemical components.


In fact, it is particularly the purity of the herb that has a lot of impact on the taste that you get from it, even more so than the type of water filter people use when looking for a good smoke. 


An herb that is more uniformly filtered, such as the one you get from a grinder, burns a lot more reliably than an unevenly filtered herb. This makes it a more viable and enjoyable option for a joint to smoke.


The uniform filtration also leads to a more steady stream of flavorful vapors whether it burns in a joint you choose to smoke or whether it heats up in a vaporizer, though as previously mentioned, you would be using the vaporizer at your own risk if you choose to do so without consulting an expert.


It Gives a More Natural Taste

If you choose to grind with your hand, you’ll notice it to be quite difficult trying to extract the powerful mixture of the different chemical compounds within the cannabis.


Since a majority of the cannabis vaping machines available for purchase to customers contain a vaping chamber for loading it up with weed, the cannabis must be consistently grounded.


If done correctly, you’ll notice the flavors when vaping to be stronger, and the clouds that form to be thicker.


It’ll Save Your Weed and Your Time

One of the biggest advantages of using a grinder for your cannabis is that it will end up saving you tons of money. The price of weed isn’t exactly cheap, and you’ll keep having to pay that price more often if you don’t invest in a grinder.


Cutting up cannabis into smaller pieces with your fingertips not only creates a lot of room for debris but also greatly reduces the plant’s quality, as a lot of its kief crystals get stuck to your fingertips while you’re cutting.


Paying the small price of buying a grinder can help solve that problem. The weed you grind will stay in your grinder, leaving no room for some excess residue, and as a result, would give you the most bang for your buck.


Since you won’t be touching the weed during the finding process, there won’t be any room for plant degradation either.


Grinding your cannabis will also only take half the time of doing it by hand, and since herb grinders come in a compact form, you can take it with you anywhere you need to grind a bit of weed.


Looking For Weed Grinders

If you’re looking to get a new grinder from one of the top grinder brands in the world, delivered right to your door in Canada, head over to ‘My Pure Canna’ right now.


They sell a wide selection of grinders and to purchase one of the great grinders that they sell, simply make an account on their page.


To create an account, go to their page and sign up with an email address and password. You must also verify your age, as their page states their customers need to be at least 19 years old. Once you’ve created your account l, you’re ready to purchase any one of the many grinders to choose from. You’ll even get free shipping if your order is over $100.


To get the best grinder, there are some user-submitted reviews found on their site which you could read through. While they might not have necessarily shared personal experiences, the review should be well informed enough to give you an idea of the product. If the grinder you’re currently reading a review of doesn’t seem like what you want or maybe the price isn’t right, you can simply look through the other grinders.


Once you find one you like, add it to your cart, and select a date for delivery. You can be sure that your order will be handled with so much care, and that you’ll receive it on the date you selected.


If you’re looking for the best grinders or anything to do with cannabis at all, head over to ‘My Pure Canna’ right now to get them, while also avoiding amazing services such as the aforementioned, free shipping.

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