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Where to Buy Weed in British Columbia?

Where to Buy Weed in British Columbia?

Are you a resident of British Columbia that’s looking to get their hands on some marijuana?


Canada legalized the selling and purchase of cannabis, and its constituent products, back in October of 2018. Since then, the cannabis industry has boomed, specifically in its province of British Columbia (BC), which has essentially become a hub for the medical cannabis and the non-medical cannabis smoking community.


In fact, Canada and its province, BC, have cultivated large amounts of the herb for a very long time, well before the legalization of selling cannabis products.


However, since the legalization of marijuana products, British Columbia has not only become the center of attention for the cannabis community within Canada but instead, has developed a reputation for cultivating and selling some of the highest quality marijuana products in the entire world.


The province of British Columbia, back in the year 2000, had around 17,500 cannabis growing operations being carried out, as stated by the Fraser Institute. That number, after the legalization of buying and selling cannabis products, would have grown exponentially. In our current year, any guess to the number of weed-growing plantations in British Columbia would, most probably, fall short.


What is Weed?

Weed is simply the dried leaves or flowers of either of two plants, the ‘cannabis sativa’ and the ‘cannabis indica’.


The dried leaves contain over 500 different chemical compounds, but the main compound is THC, which is also responsible for all of the plant’s psychoactive effects. It is precisely this chemical that changes how our brain perceives the world and essentially gets us high.


In the past, the normal composition of weed contained less than 4 percent THC; however, in some products you can get these days, such as oils and other extracts in the form of concentrates, the percentage of THC is much higher, at around 15 percent. 


Weed Extracts

The ingestion of these high THC content weed extracts is on the rise. There are many forms of these extracts which people can intake by various means. They contain 3 to 5 times the usual amount of THC you’d find in the weed plant itself.


Methods of Ingestion

There are a lot of ways people can intake weed, though the following list is of the most common methods of ingestion:


  • Rolling up weed in a piece of paper with one’s hands and then smoking the weed
  • Inhaling the smoke from bur tweed by way of bongs
  • Inhaling vapor which forms from heating up weed and releasing its THC content by way of a vaporizer
  • Drinking tea brewed with weed or eating it in the form of a snack called an edible


British Columbia’s History With Weed


An Introduction to the Home of Cannabis Culture

Often referred to as just BC, British Columbia is the western-most province in Canada and sits right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. With a population of 5.1 million people, over an area of 357,000 square miles, BC packs quite a few people. Though its capital is the city of Victoria, Vancouver and Vancouver Island account for almost half the population of British Columbia.


A study conducted in the year 2004 had found that over half the people living in BC, at the time, had tried their hand at smoking weed at least once in their life. It could be due to the fact that back in 2004 there were numerous cannabis stores and coffee shops where people didn’t just openly smoke tobacco, but also the weed they would purchase from such stores.


British Columbia was second in terms of cannabis usage per capita in all of Canada, back in 2012. They are sure to have reached first since the legalization of medical cannabis and non-medical cannabis products.

The Origins of Weed in BC

The world-renowned cannabis hub that is BC owes a lot of its reputation for the selling and purchasing of high-quality cannabis to the Vietnam War.


Yes, the origins of weed in BC go all the way back to the 60’s. At the start of the war, when Americans were being forced to join the army, a lot of them elected to leave the country, rather than serve as recruits in the war. Today those people are referred to as ‘Hippies’.


30,000 Americans fled the country and moved to British Columbia. The primary migrants who moved to British Columbia were people from the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.


Fortunately for today’s generations, a few of these migrants had brought with them cannabis seeds to their newfound homeland. In BC, the plantation of weed and cannabis had only begun, just before the arrival of the migrants. With the help of the migrant’s seeds, the plantation got a major boost for the production of its, then, illegal weed.


The migrants who were already fond of consuming cannabis and its constituent products were excited to see that they arrived at a thriving underground weed production movement. The migrants also found their seeds to be a lot more useful in BC than they were back home.

The Perfect Climate for the Growth of the Migrant’s Seeds

BC did not lack in the rainfall and sunshine department and got an ample amount of both climates. This meant BC had an ideal climate for their underground thriving business of growing cannabis.


Though the overall climate does vary between places in the massive province that is BC, the most populous areas, such as the aforementioned Vancouver city, where the weed-growing business also happened to be taking form, had near-perfect levels of temperature and rainfall.


The annual temperature in those parts was 54 degrees Fahrenheit, which was also the mildest in all of Canada. The annual rainfall in those parts fluctuated in the neighborhood of 47 inches. Overall, BC did not lack hot summer days, with the fall season also being relatively mild.


The area of Kootenays, in particular, benefitted from the aforementioned weather conditions and is also known today as the home of outdoor weed cultivation, in BC. Aside from the perfect climate conditions, the area also benefits from pure water, courtesy of the Rocky Mountains, clean air, and very rich soil for plant growth.


In fact, the soil of the Kootenays area is regarded as the most fertile on the entire planet. However, all these geographical benefits only gave rise to the outdoor cultivating parts of the weed industry in BC.

BC’s Cheap Renewable Energy

British Columbia is notable for producing very low-cost hydroelectric power. The power you get from a hydroelectric power plant is known as hydroelectricity, and it currently powers one-fifth of our planet. It also constitutes three-fourths of the power humans get from renewable resources. 


With the rise of climate change, the popularity of renewable energy sources is only going to grow, and in turn, so will hydroelectricity.


BC’s main power supply comes from 21 massive hydroelectric power plants and seven smaller ones. The British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association reported that the province generates nearly eleven thousand megawatts of clean and emission-free energy. That energy powers 2 million homes across the province, including all the ones in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


Only six percent of the province’s energy doesn’t come from hydroelectric power plants. This abundance of cheap, renewable energy has made BC a hotspot for cultivating cannabis indoors.

What Helped the Cannabis Industry Grow?

Moving back to BC’s topography, the province being situated where it was, played a tremendous role in giving cannabis growers the concealment they needed back in the days when the herb’s production was illegal.


A dense forest which itself lay on several big and small hills, made carrying out any cannabis-growing operations very easy. This is one of the many reasons that BC had so many underground growing operations being conducted as compared to the rest of Canada, or even the rest of the world if you choose to think back to the massive 17,500 figure calculated by Fraser Institute.


The sheer scale of the weed production going on in British Columbia, essentially, made sure that they were certainly going to be the cannabis hub in Canada, in the near future.

How Growing Cannabis Grew The Economy?

By the year 2010, BC would export at least four billion Canadian dollars worth of weed every single year, with around 95 percent of whatever they grew being smuggled across the border, into the United States.


After growing cannabis, with a license, became legal in the year 2018, the market has grown exponentially. Even the provincial government of BC is aware of the importance cannabis has in its history and economy. It constitutes a nine billion Canadian dollar chunk of BC’s economy every year.


Even when handling weed was illegal at a federal level, the law enforcement in British Columbia would rarely use a heavy hand when it came to the cannabis market.


An example of how far the market has come since its start in the 1960s is that in the year 2020, SpeakEasy Cannabis Club, a weed production company, claimed that it would harvest 60,000 marijuana plants in the 24 hectares of land they grew the plant at, in Rock Creek. It equated to 70,000 kilograms of bud, which would be the largest harvest in Canada’s history.

Where and How to Buy Weed


Trying to Get Weed in Person

Private owners of weed can apply for a license to run cannabis stores and carry out business within British Columbia, under the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.

How Cannabis Shops are Set-Up

When a person applies for a license, the government runs a background check on the person’s personal data along with some more information about them, to verify they are eligible to carry out the service of selling weed. If they pass the check, they’ll obtain their license and be authorized to set up shop at an address that you can find on BC Cannabis Stores along with its contact details.

Age Verification 

You can choose to buy cannabis from either these personal shops or government-run ones. However, to purchase cannabis from any store you’ll have to disclose a bit of personal data of your own, specifically in relation to some age verification. You have to be of legal age to prove you’re among the responsible adults who are old enough to buy weed. The legal age in Canada is 19 years of age.

BC Liquor Distribution Branch and BC Cannabis Stores

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch is a government-run operation that overlooks all the liquor stores in BC, as well as, all online sales which take place. It is also the only wholesale distributor of cannabis that adults can use.


Its BC Cannabis Store is an online website that not only shows the address of the cannabis store that is near to you but also allows you to filter through every store’s wide selection of cannabis products and accessories. Among the wide range of filters, you can sort flowers by is their brand, potency, and even their place of production in Canada. All this and more from a simple online website.

Advantages of Buying Your Weed In-Person

If you’re planning to sort out some health issues or just plain have fun by buying weed and are choosing to do so by heading to a local store, there are benefits to it.


First off, you won’t have to spend time looking for one, since you can just get the address of every store around you off the internet. Once you arrive at the chosen address, you’ll simply select what you want from a wide selection of products from edibles to buds and even concentrates. You then verify your age by showing the store owner some form of identification and you’re done.


Most store owners are often very committed to helping others choose what’s best for them, so if you’re new to cannabis, you can turn to a helpful store owner for some support on what to buy.


Buying from a store would also free you of the troubles waiting for your supposed ‘fast delivery service’, which you would get if you were buying weed online in Canada.

Trying to Buy Weed Online

If you’re looking to buy weed online there is an entire process you have to go through of setting up an account by signing up to a site. Usually, you would also need to find a good website that offers amazing cannabis products, but we’ve taken care of that bit for you as you’ll come to find at the end of this article.

Sign Up for an Account

To sign up to any given website in order to buy weed online, you’ll normally have to follow the same simple steps, regardless of the site you choose. You have to first input your email address and choose a password that you would be responsible to keep track of. Then you’ll have to verify you’re at least 19 years of age by selecting a date of birth and uploading a picture of your ID card for legal purposes. With that done, you should have access to whatever service and marijuana products the website offers its customers.


You should keep in mind when you make the account that some of your personal data will be shared with the site to help support your experience, manage access to your account, and for several other purposes.

Advantages You Get When You Buy Weed Online

An online experience of buying weed is much different than going to a store, and for most people, it’s their go-to.


The obvious advantage you get if you buy weed online is that you get your marijuana from the comfort of your home.


You can usually sort through the large range of flower products that an online store would have, including concentrates, edibles, and even hybrid strains.


You’ll get access to a delivery service, served by the online shop, and can change the speed at which you get your flowers by selecting a fast delivery option.


You’ll even get the benefit of seeing things like featured products, where it’ll show you what is popular in the marijuana world at the moment.


Another cool feature of online shops which you’ll have access to is that customers can contact the company support team regarding any troubles they face and can easily have it sorted by way of them. A reason to contact a support team would be to cancel an order or to ask for an estimated delivery date of a product, among other purposes.


Wondering Where to Buy Weed Online?

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