Mazar Sharif Hash

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Coming from the Northern regions of the country Afghanistan, this indica-dominant hash strain is known for its sedative effects, and will give an all-around mood boost when consumed. This type of hash has a very soft texture, and it is recommended to store it in a cool, dry location. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. In Afghanistan the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed in 100g slabs. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family.

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6 reviews for Mazar Sharif Hash

  1. Leticia

    Gives relaxed and good feeling. Feel it more at body and calm mind. I used 5g in one week and wasn’t made any anxiety, paranoid or bad feelings. It just took them away. Great taste too. I will always have it in my cabinet.

  2. Dina

    Love everything about it. I’m getting spoiled with you guys at MPC

  3. Irene Sparks

    This is definitely my favorite hash. The taste and smell is top notch. The high kicks you right in the head. Melting all your days worries away. It has a nice burn and clean giving you 100% satisfaction. Will definitely order again.

  4. Pablo

    I would purchase this again. Has a nice taste and decent buzz. It breaks easily when heated. Great hash!!

  5. Montoya

    This hash has a decent mellow feel to it and burns well. This is one of the best hash I’ve tried on this site so far. Worth every penny!

  6. donnie

    loved it

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